Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have some great friends. Today I was given a shower by my neighbors who are also my buddies and it was simply wonderful. I told them from the beginning that I didn't need a shower as this is my fourth child. Yet, they still went all out and showered us with many blessings. From the amazing cake my friend Monica made to the decorations, everything was simply perfect. It was a really special time. Both my mom and Steve's mom made it and my dear sister-in-law from San Jose also came. There were various Monte Vista staff as well as friends/neighbors who are all a part of our community here. I am so blessed to be loved so much!! I must was QUITE fun to have a girly shower. I've never had one of those before. I couldn't stop smiling and all of my boys had a great time too (especially when all the yummy food came out).

My friend Monica MADE this cake. Isn't it amazing? She really is talented.

All of the food was so incredibly delicious and so thoughtful. Basically, they made all of my favorite things from the pineapple cheese ball to broccoli and bacon salad. I felt so honored by the careful thought they put into the food.

My mom with Caleb and my nephew Christos. Good things both grandmas were there because they really helped with the kids. Thanks Grandma and Yia Ya!!

Isaac helped me open all of my presents. Truthfully, it was really helpful because I couldn't reach very far into the bags to get stuff out. Isaac dutifully helped (yeah right...he was more than happy to "help" my open stuff).

Josh ate just about everything in sight but he was a trooper. The shower went well into his nap time and he pulled through just fine. Thanks Grandma for getting him home right after to take a nap.

Things started out a bit rough for this one when he couldn't have a chocolate covered strawberry right off the bat. Nevertheless, he bounced back when the food came out and helped himself to quite a few Wheat Thins. I just love this kid.

Isaac and his best buddies at Monte Vista. These kids have grown up together these past five years and love each other so, so much.

Me and my Mommy!! Of course, in her style, she showered us with a TON of cute stuff and helped watch the boys too. Thanks for coming and bringing Theodora Mom!!

I didn't get a picture of the two girls who put on this wonderful show for me today so, I'll just mention their names. Monica and Allison, you gave me the most beautiful shower ever. I felt so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and I'm truly thankful you guys are my close friends and that we get to raise our kids together and just do life together. Thanks for all your hard work!!

We are truly blessed and are excitedly waiting the arrival of baby girl, #4, in three weeks. It'll be here before we know it. And after today and all that loot...I've got a lot of work to do!!

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  1. Nikki, what a wonderful time celebrating the upcoming birth of your little girl.

    Isaac, Caleb, and Joshua will be the best big brothers!