Friday, February 25, 2011


Just this last Sunday, our second child, our Caleby turned 4. I remember when Isaac turned 4. I thought he was so big. I can't believe that I now have two kids that have reached that age. At four they somehow seem like a more more toddler...they're just a kid-a little boy rather. Gone are the days of potty accidents, tantrums (mostly), learning to talk, naps and major dependence on parents. Those days are history. Instead, in walks a tender, breathing, thinking, little man. It's so incredible to see and watch.

So far, I've loved the age four. I remember Isaac at four. He was just precious and so inquisitive. Caleb has been no different. He has been expressing himself in ways he never knew how to before and we, his parents, have found his budding "maturity" quite fun, memorable and very helpful. There is so much to be learned and so much to enjoy when one has learned to somewhat control themselves (not perfectly at all, but the childishness of two and even three begins to disappear). It's an amazing age and time. I love it. And I'm so proud of the little man that God has given to us. He's such a treasure and perfect addition to our home.

On his birthday we were supposed to be at the snow so, we hadn't planned a party at home or anything. But when we came home early, we called the family and asked everyone to come out to Chili's for dinner on the evening of his birthday. And of course, in true Dauphin birthday fashion, the rest of the day went like all other birthdays.

The night before we decorated, blew up balloons and laid out his presents.

The morning of he woke up to singing and a cinnamon roll breakfast.

He opened his presents where he received a much wanted Marble Set that he's been playing with non-stop since he got it. He's our builder!

For lunch we went to Jack n the Box and got curly fries (to go with our PB and J lunch) as Caleb has been asking specifically for curly fries for at least the last two months.

We made cupcakes.

And then we went out to dinner with the family at Chili's.

Such a fun birthday. And the best part about it was that we could tell that he really understood that he was loved. He got it. As his parents this was a huge gift to us.

Happy 4th Birthday to our brave little soldier.

Daddy and Mommy are so, so proud of you and we love you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Adventure

I have a love affair with winter. Sitting by the fire, all warm in my quilt, with a hot cup of tea and a handsome, warm husband at my side, is my idea of heaven-especially if we're chatting. The only problem is that I live in California and I always have which very frankly means that I have no clue what winter is. So therefore, this love affair that I seem to think I have, is only in my dreams because in reality, I have only seen crazy, snowy weather a handful of times.

That is, until this past weekend. This weekend took the cake. Yes, my friends, I got my fill of winter for awhile when the family and I went on the craziest, funnest, coldest snow adventure of my life (which isn't saying much due to my lack of winterness in general). Yet, hang onto your hats-I'm about to tell you a fun story.

It all started when Steve came home from work soaked because it was literally dumping rain. He loaded the car with our many bags (remember...four little kids and a mom who doesn't know, even after six years of kids, how to pack light! I'm trying, people, I'm trying!) and then all of the children got loaded. He started the car...well, he attempted and all we heard was clicking. Uh oh...the battery. Somebody had left a light on in the car. With all the little hands going in and out, this is a frequent occurrence. So, Steve gritted his teeth, gathered his patience, pulled out the cables and started our very old, reliable white truck up to jump our Pilot. Within minutes we were back in business. Phew...that was close. Nothing like a loaded car and a dead battery!

Off we went to our first stop-dinner at In n Out. Now can I just put a plug in here for In n Out? If I ever do get my wild, winter fantasy of living where there are seasons, chances are we'll be moving out of state, which would mean we would move away from all In n Outs. I'm not sure which is worse, me not ever being able to experience seasons, or forever saying, "bye" to the Grilled Cheese Animal Style. (Yes, I don't like burgers. Shoot me!) Good thing we don't go to In n Out often. It's my one weakness. Ha! We met our buddies at dinner and had a great time. Best of all, we were on schedule to be up in South Lake Tahoe at a decent time. I had visions of getting the kids all in bed before midnight. Everything was going perfectly. The only downside was the pouring rain while we were driving but knowing that it would make for great snow in Tahoe, kept our spirits light. Things were looking up.

About twenty minutes before arriving in Pollock Pines (where our friends' cabin is), the snow started to come down hard. There were hundreds of cars lining the highway stranded until they could strap their lifelines-chains, onto their slippery wheels enabling them to drive in the heavy snow. We laughed as we very simply pressed a little button in our vehicle that threw our car into 4-wheel drive. Suckers! Arrogance set in. We were born for this. We could brave this weather. Even our car was cut out for this stuff! We squealed with delight as the snow came down blanketing everything is sight. It was simply beautiful.

By the time we actually made it through the woods (and non-plowed roads) to the cabin, it was just before midnight. We pulled up and immediately noticed that the 80 foot driveway was three feet deep in snow. This could get interesting. Devin, our friend whose family owns the cabin, trudged through the walk to get things turned on inside and a fire started so that we could lug everyone in. When he didn't come back for awhile, we knew something was amiss.

He finally came back with some news. There wasn't any power and the house was 30 degrees at best. Did I mention it was the middle of the night? Oh and there were 9 children, two of them infants, who were set to sleep in that house for the next few nights. But where were we to go? We had to make the best of it. Steve and Devin went off to search for candles and flashlights to be able to find the things needed to build us a very important fire! And Allison and I waited in our cars with the kiddos. At this point, the kids were now awake. And the last family was set to arrive with their little army at anytime. Whew!

By the time the Dads came back to start carrying the kids in one by one, Elliana was screaming her little heart out. Poor girl didn't get the memo that we were on a snow adventure. When the last child was finally carried in, I got out and trudged through the blanket of white to the cabin, still enraptured with the beauty surrounding me. Steve got me Ellie's pack n play and I got to work getting the kids to bed. Then the guys started shoveling. Steve was shoveling and I quickly realized I needed sleeping bags, blankies, pillows and jammies in order to get anyone to sleep. So, instead of letting everyone run around for the rest of the night until Daddy was done shoveling the drive, I made several trips down through the snow with Elliana strapped securely to my front (wrapped up well of course) to get all of the things we needed. Steve was busy and I was determined. A little past 2 am, everyone was tucked in and trying to get warm. By 3 am, the last one was snoring. A little after 3, Steve, thoroughly soaked, came slopping through the front door.

We attempted to sleep for the next three hours but the cold seeped into every crevice and crack in the blankets. Elliana cried relentlessly and quickly ended up sandwiched between us in an effort to keep her warm. It was the coldest, longest, shortest night of my life. Does that even make sense? It was such a short period of time but yet it felt so very long as we went through it. I never knew cold could be so sneaky. It bled into our appendages and robbed us of the little comfort we had! Amazingly, I was so happy to see the light starting to dawn the next morning.

And dawn it did. Everyone finally woke up. We made pancakes on the gas stove. We even made coffee (which was much needed)! We figured out how to keep food cold, despite our lack of refrigeration and we came up with a gameplan for our stay.

Don't you love all of the essentials stacked up in the snow!! Bacon, milk, fudgesicles and beer!

Even though things didn't end up like we planned, we still had such a great time together. The kids played in the beautiful snow going sledding and building snowmen. Us adults got to hang out and talk. There was wrestling. There was eating/fellowshipping. There was reading. There was playing. And by the second night, it was so warm in the house from the fire, all of the kids had to sleep in their undies! Hilarious turn of events!

We ended up coming home early since the power never turned back on and things were getting a bit complicated at times with a houseful of children and no electricity (I know, I know, the pioneers...but they weren't used to electricity-so we have an excuse!) But all in all, it was a GREAT trip. Wouldn't have traded it for anything.

I've had my fill of real winter for a bit but it still calls to me. It's a mystery. One that I hope someday to experience, drink in and enjoy.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Updates

So I realized that amidst all of this re-posting, I haven't even given an update on our wee little ones and family in awhile (sorry to the Grandparents!) Here it goes.

We've been pretty busy. Steve is in full gear with his grad school class so that means he is studying a lot. There are some things though that have helped us transition. In December we were given a 1987 white GMC truck by my Dad and uncle (it was my grandpa's) and so, that means that instead of us sitting around and missing Daddy all day on Saturday (and all of the other days/nights he's gone studying during the week), we get to go out and do stuff. So we've been hitting up the park, going on some hikes and generally having as much fun as we can to distract ourselves. This has been a great change from last semester when we only had one vehicle. Steve can't really study much at home...I'm not really sure why! So, him having some wheels has been great! We wouldn't have gone out and bought another car but, a free one, yes please! Plus Steve has always wanted a truck, so there you go. The boys love taking turns going places with Daddy and sitting in the "front". Yeah for the old truck (picture behind the cookie stand)!!

We've also settled into a nice routine with Steve's studying schedule making it a bit easier for me to manage and know what to expect. Plus, this semester's class is called Iterative Techniques (what??) and is the second in the Numerical Analysis series. So that means it's set-up just like the last class and he has the same professor. Great! That helps Steve know what's going on from the get-go which has really saved him a ton of time and worry. We definitely feel like we're at capacity with his school and couldn't handle anything else but, we're doing fine with what we have.

Another thing that has really helped is that Steve always comes home for meals on the weekends so that we can be together then. Our Saturday night dinner also gives me something to look forward to. I definitely could do without the putting them all to bed by myself many nights in a row (most of the time it takes me an hour!) but after this semester, Steve will probably be dealing with some easier math classes as he continues to pursue his Master's. He'll also be 1/3 of the way done! Aaahhh...some light at the end of the tunnel is peeking through-I see it! And really, I'm thankful we have the means and ability for Steve to have this opportunity in the first place. For a long time it didn't seem possible so, I'm trying hard to remember that it is truly a blessing indeed!

Elliana is nearing 8 months and is just the light of our lives. Some of her new tricks from the last month or so involve her pulling herself up, saying "Mama" and some other babbly words, clapping and her sporting a new tooth. She's not crawling yet (except backwards sometimes) but she's dangerously close as she gets up on all fours a lot and rocks. Who knows when she'll finally take off. I'm still crossing my fingers that it'll take some more time because once she does take off, I'll officially have four kids and not 3 1/2!

Caleb is a building machine. That kid can build an incredible train track and anything else he can get his hands on-puzzles, blocks, tinker toys, legos, etc. He really doesn't care to play as much on his track, he just wants to built it as intricately as he can with it all looping together. And as soon as he finishes it, he has to make it better. He turns 4 on Sunday. I can't believe he's already that big!!

Isaac's reading has really taken off. He has been able to read for the past year (mostly the easy phonetic stuff) but over the last few months, he has really improved. He enjoys picking up books and him reading has opened up a whole new world to him. He loves being out and reading signs and trying to figure out anything that comes his way. Kindergarten has been SO great for him.

Joshy, is well, Joshy. My little Joshua is just spunky. How else do I say it? He's spunky. At times he's really difficult and then I'll turn around and he's doing the cutest things and saying, "I wuv you Mommy." And then when I turn back to what I'm doing, he goes and unloads my folded laundry basket all over the floor-trying to "help" mind you. In an effort to keep his hands busy, I've tried various tactics. One is stacking wood. He loves it. He gets that from his Grandpa. I'll never understand or even like the age two much but, his little shining personality has made some of the rough patches more smooth. And yes, he always squints like that when I pull out my camera. Cracks me up!

I'm just trying to keep up. Every night I crawl into bed exclaiming, "I'm so tired!" and morning comes too quickly. But somehow, God gives me strength to do it all again.

And despite it all...

I love it.

I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Not even if someone paid me.

Paid me a million dollars.

These days are just precious.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Tool

Something that Steve and I have been realizing lately is that almost without us knowing it, we are quickly moving out of the really little phase. Well, at least half of the children are. Gone are the days of a quiet house in the the older boys and I play games, work on projects and then they are sent off to rest time while I catch a few moments to myself. These changes are good. They need to happen. They are supposed to get bigger you know. That is the point. So instead of fighting it and pining for days gone by, I've really tried to embrace it. You know, celebrate the end because something new is coming.

But one of the things that we've really noticed with this shift, has been our need to teach a bit more rather than just dictate. When the boys were all little, things were pretty black and white. The rules were simple. Obey Mom and Dad and obey God. Okay. Everything else is fair game. Have fun and enjoy God's blessings! Our rules were simple for all to understand and easy for us to see when someone crossed the line. But now, as we very slowly learn to let out the rope, more gray seeps in and bigger questions start coming to the surface. I can't tell you how many good, tough theological questions our kids have been asking recently and they're only (nearly) 4 and 5 1/2! They notice everything and Steve and I have really been kept on our toes in trying to explain to them answers to their questions!

So with these changes, we've come to the realization that our parenting must continue to adapt and evolve which means, we need to bring in new strategies. It's not that the old strategies don't work anymore but it's that we need more tools to deal with the increasingly intricate situations that surface daily. And these tools simply complement the ones we are already using instead of replacing them.

In some ways it's as if we've been in a Beginner's Carpentry class for the last five and a half years and now we're moving to the first level of Intermediate of which there are three levels and someday we'll go on past all of those into the Advanced Class. In the Beginner's Class you focus on two tools, the hammer and nails. In the Intermediate, you get to start using a screwdriver. And so on. But the end goal is a functional, usable, carefully crafted and thought out, beautiful piece of art that has been shaped for years by many different tools. If all we ever used was the hammer, we would end up with a pretty jagged and crude finished product that lacks any creativity and beauty.

So all of that to say, we've been making some attempts to incorporate a bit more teaching into our parenting of the two older boys (and Joshua when it's applicable). One of the ways we've been doing this is through the avenue of storytelling. Now before you all think that we made this up, we didn't. Pretty much anything that we do that's worth telling anyone else about didn't come from us-trust me. We're not that smart. You can check out this post to get an idea of what I'm talking about. The boys have really responded to this tactic.

Here's a few examples. Our first attempt came straight from the second blogpost about fussing. Our middle son can be prone to sulking but he also loves a good fight. My husband has said for two years now that we need to get him to fight the right things and not us. In essence, his will, turned in the right direction, can be a great thing!! So basically, Steve told Caleb that when he gets mad and wants to sulk that it's like a dragon is trying to come in and steal his joy (which technically is true). Caleb can either choose to fight that dragon with as much gusto as he's got or Mom and Dad will have to fight it for him with discipline. I have seen so many Kung Fu Panda moves over the last few weeks and it's been amazing to see how that bit of coaching and teaching really helps him get himself past the sulking. We can't just force him to shape up forever. He has to learn to deal with his emotions and apply his feelings in the right places on his own. This is just one example.

Once that story started, naturally many others have come along with it. I've got an oldest child who likes to tattle. So we've talked about being a good policeman who protects people (telling Mom when something is broken or someone is hurt) and being a bad policeman who just wants to write tickets to meet his quota-ha! (telling mom about every little thing). All tattling isn't bad but there must be teaching involved to get Isaac to see when it's appropriate and when it's not. And a story helps illustrate the point so well. Plus, kids love stories and they remember them.

When they're bugging each other, I tell them they're being like a little fly (we had a major influx of flies this past summer so, this really makes sense to them) that annoys everyone around them. We walk around saying, "Buzz, buzz, buzz." And how no one wants to be around a fly. They just want them to go away. The possibilities are endless. Even real stories work well because you don't have to make them up on the go. Isaac brought up Robin Hood the other day and we applied that story to hoarding things/toys (King John) and giving/helping others (Robin Hood). Of course, they want to be like Robin Hood. He's the good guy. He's the hero.

You get the idea.

We're so new at this level of teaching and are trying to figure it out. But even though we're still finding our feet, it feels fun, adventurous and good. Someday this level of teaching will seem like old hat. But I guess at that point, it'll just mean that we're headed into even more uncharted territory...maybe then it will be time to pick up a circular saw. That sounds scary to me!

Currently, things are still simple enough with a few screws thrown in here and there to mix things up. We'll stick with that. Right now, we're good with our trusty hammer, nails and the occasional need for the screwdriver which includes an arsenal of good, made-up stories/metaphors that prove a point. These stories teach and in turn, help us get through the lively, busy day in fairly good spirits!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts and a Breakfast Sandwich

So I have been missing blogging so the fact that this is the last of the Top Ten Blogposts is not too sad for me. And just to prove that I do miss spouting off my crazy, sometimes strange, musings, I've got a bit of a fun question for you that we've been mulling over the past few weeks in my house.

How does a Mathy, a true savant, make a peanut butter banana sandwich?

Well, I'm going to tell you. The mathematician carefully toasts his bread twice (with a flip in the middle) then spreads his peanut butter ever-so-carefully and evenly on both pieces of bread. Then he chops his bananas, smoothly, cleanly and neatly making sure they're all the same thickness. And then, the kicker...

He lines them all up in a very calculated way. Do you see how he saved the two ends to lie next to each other? How quaint. How kind. How totally hilarious.

And that's his best nerdy face!

Now, how does a creative, wordy, literature-laden female make a peanut butter banana sandwich?

Yep...looks about right. And that's the way I like it!!

I've been teasing my husband endlessly about his new, favorite breakfast sandwich over the last few weeks and just had to share. It was too good to pass up.

Now onto the last post which was written right before Elliana was born. It too was fun. It's the Top Five Comments I get while sporting my little troop around town. Even though I have Elliana now, the comments have stayed pretty much the same. They are full of fun, hilarious and too good to pass up commenting on.

Top Five Comments

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-A Book, A Blogpost and a Late Night

First of all, for those of you interested in little Ally, you can check out her mom's post on the whole process for their family. It's tender and honestly written. Check it out here. She's doing great by the way and is well on the road to recovery!

Now for the second to last post in this series...this post came from a little over a year ago. And in light of all that we are inundated with in regards to our "rights" as women, it was great to re-read and remember.

A Book, A Blogpost and a Late Night

Monday, February 7, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe is by far one of my favorites. It is my go-to recipe for every birthday and many holidays. These cinnamon rolls can seriously take a beating and still turn out great every time. They're not made to rise overnight in the fridge but they do just fine anyway making it easy to turn out incredible cinnamon rolls first thing in the morning. Try them for a special occasion or simply for a fun Saturday morning.

A Must-Try: Cinnamon Rolls

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-A Little Glimpse

It is beautiful here today...75 degrees, everyone is in shorts and running around. Today was the monthly church potluck and now we're going to a Superbowl Party. Does it really get much better than that?

God is so good to us. He gives us such blessings, like unexpected nice weather in February and an abundance of yummy cookies at church. This post is about one of those times that I remember God giving me just a little look at one of my kids "getting it"-having an epiphany moment. As a mom, these moments get us through, keep us marching on through the madness, and sustain our hearts when we feel like we can't muster up another ounce of patience. I hope you're encouraged. And I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

A Little Glimpse

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-Looking for Perfection

The following is a fun read on a Saturday night. I'm sure you're all prepping your super bowl menu for tomorrow. It's going to be one heck of a game!!

We're getting for the Super Bowl tomorrow too. Since our beloved Niners didn't even get close, we've had to choose a side. I asked the husband where this family stood and he responded immediately with, "The Packers!"

So that my friends is what we will be chanting tomorrow along with the whole state of Wisconsin... "Go Packers!!"

Looking for Perfection and Not Finding It!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-Day 5

This post has always been one of my favorites. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I wrote it, I was just at the beginning of being a carpool mom. Now, I'm in full-fledge (is that a word?) carpooling mode and so remembering back to two years ago when it all started brings back fond memories. Maybe it reminds me too that my kids are growing up way too fast. Cliche but true. Anyhow, whatever it is, this post just reminds me why I love being a mom and all of the chaos and hilarity that comes with the job. It also gives a much deserved plug to my champ of a car-the Honda Pilot. We've never written a bigger check in our lives but that car has been worth every single cent we spent on it. And we're oh so grateful for it!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!


Last year my oldest son, Isaac, started preschool two days a week. Our church is starting a classical Christian School and we have wanted to be a part of it. Since we live soooo far away from just about everything, some of my friends, who are also neighbors, and I decided to carpool so that we weren't driving all the time and dragging the little ones all around the county. First of all, you must understand that I am a homebody. I do not like to be out all that much. It's just simpler being home and I like it that way. So last year, when I thought about having to get my son to school and the hour round trip it'd be both ways, I felt defeated before I even started. I also was 37 weeks pregnant with Joshua at the start of school as well, so when I say I felt defeated, I really felt defeated. The thought of carpooling was the ONLY way I felt like I could handle the year and the drive so I jumped on board pretty quickly. I didn't want to live a frantic life and so carpooling seemed like a good solution. What I didn't anticipate was the absolute hilarity, joy and fun I would have driving all of those boys to school.

First of all, I have the perfect carpool car--a Honda Pilot. Thank God for that car because really, it's His provision that we even have it. But anyway, it seats 8 comfortably and has shoulder straps for every seat. These are things to consider since all of the boys are small and car seats, booster seats and the like are all part of the equation. So in my Pilot, at least once a week, I was transporting five boys all under the age of five. And boy has it been a ride....literally. This makes for very good material. Take today for instance. We listen to a cd of kids' music that is a compilation of hymns. I want our children to know hymns because the theology in them is so rock solid so, we listen to them in the car and sing them at home too. Anyhow, right in the middle of Crown Him with Many Crowns, all of the boys were belting out "Brownie" instead of "Crown Him!" My oldest is very studious and particular and he had been corrected by his Dad earlier in the week and so he proceeded to try and correct everyone in the car about the wording, including his little brother. However, since the car is loud and large, nobody could hear him and his meticulous corrections were falling on deaf ears. Brownie it was!

Another habit we have gotten into is telling stories on the way to school, which means I'm the principal storyteller. This started last year because many times I had to nurse Joshua in the car and keep all of them contained at the same time. I pondered how to pull this off not just decently, but well since a loud car of little boys could easily take me over if they tried, so I had to have a plan. They all love trains so I started telling stories about Thomas the Train. Most of the stories had morals to them like obeying parents, being kind, loving God, sharing and being humble. Poor James (the train) he most often was the proud train. But the stories seemed to work beautifully. And of course, I got to remind them again that they needed to listen to their parents in a sly, sneaky kind of way. Ha! Anyhow, Joshua got fed, they were all happy in their seats and then I was able to send them off to school without any major catastrophes.

It never ceases to amaze me how I am able to pile all of them into the car and make it all the way home in one piece. But it works every time. And then I wonder to myself, where did the time go? How am I a carpool mom already? I swear I still feel 18 at times wearing cute skirts and adorning my hair with ribbons to get that handsome guy's attention in English class at Cal Poly. That's how I really snagged my husband you know. He asks me sometimes what happened to the skirts and ribbons. And then he laughs and says that they got replaced by an apron and bobby pins, and that he'd take me the way I am now any day. Phew...good thing. I'm not really a skirt type girl (I wish I was but I'm just not) so, that brief period of dressing up was really, well brief and strategic. But seriously, time has flown and continues to fly. And I better cherish it. Even though it's a bit insane, carpool reminds me that I better soak up all of the chattering voices, the laughs and stories floating through my car as the miles fly by. The next time I turn around to notice, they'll be grown, and I'll be wishing I could go back to Thomas the Train, nursing my baby in the front seat and hearing about their day at school. Someday they won't want to talk about it much. They'll have few words...which just means that they'll have turned into little men and that I will have grown even older. So I'll take the craziness, brownie and all. What a blessing it is!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-Day 4

Today's post is actually a series of posts on doing a weekly Sabbath Dinner in your home. I got a lot of positive feedback on these when I first posted them almost a year ago now so I thought I'd put them back up. Since there's five basic articles on the subject, I'm just going to link to them. This tradition has become dear to our family. That's why I love to share it. Enjoy!

Sabbath Living-Part 1

Getting Started-Part 2

How to Make Challah Bread-Part 3

The Why Behind our Liturgy-Part 4

Children and the Sabbath-No Fairy Tale Here-Part 5

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-Day 3

Today's blogpost is really nothing too special. Yet, I feel as though it is somehow. Because, you see, I became a wife first and sometimes it's too easy for me to forget that amidst the immediate needs of my little brood, I have a responsibility to the man of the house. Immediate needs or not, that's the way it has to be. And even when I am juggling what seems to be the seven wonders of the world, I still do truly want to be a blessing to the man I married. I don't know, something about loving him a TON and respecting him even more than that. Somedays it's harder to accomplish than others.

For many of you out there, the weather outside is frightful. Isn't there a HUGE blizzard striking the midwest right now? And somewhere down under, they're getting pummeled by record hurricanes. Anyhow, I think this will resonate with those of you experiencing nature at its best right now.

And for those of us in California, we can pretend to get it. Now I don't want to sound snooty is a balmy 65 degrees here with a slight chill to the air...nevertheless, despite our current great winter weather, this whole idea still gives me a good knock in the noggin. Like it should. God's word has a way of doing that. Enjoy!

Constant Dripping

Autumn is settling in nicely around these parts and Winter will be hard on its heels. Since we don't get major differences in seasons here, I have other ways of being able to tell that the seasons are changing. One of them, unfortunately, is none other than the common cold. We've had a few come through the house already. I do love the cooler months but I don't particularly care for colds.

One of the reasons is this...the constant dripping. It seems to go on forever! The pesky dripping is about enough to drive me nuts on some days. Lately I feel like at least one of my boys is dripping which makes me feel like it has been going on for weeks now. This morning God gave me a little word picture (who says motherhood doesn't involve your brain?) that easily applied right to my daily life of endlessly wiping noses and I was reminded again and convicted.

Proverbs 19:13 "A foolish son is his father's ruin, and a quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping."

Proverbs 27:15 "A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day..."

Drip...drip...drip...drip...wipe...drip...drip...drip...are you annoyed yet? It never stops. No matter how much you wipe it up, it always comes back and keeps dripping. The maintenance, monotony and mucous create a literal muddled mess.

How often can my restless and quarrelsome spirit create an emotional and spiritual mess for my hubby? Do I really want to be like a snotty, nasty, dripping, stuffy nose to my husband? I've never thought about it like that before but for some reason today, that was the word picture in my head. No real incidence prompted the analogy...just lots of nose wiping. I guess it was time for me to be reminded yet again not to merely look out for my own interests.

No...I don't want to be that mess. I want to be this:

Proverbs 16:24 "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

Lord, give me words. Let them be pleasant. Let them be sweet. Let them heal and soothe. Let them be like honey.