Friday, February 25, 2011


Just this last Sunday, our second child, our Caleby turned 4. I remember when Isaac turned 4. I thought he was so big. I can't believe that I now have two kids that have reached that age. At four they somehow seem like a more more toddler...they're just a kid-a little boy rather. Gone are the days of potty accidents, tantrums (mostly), learning to talk, naps and major dependence on parents. Those days are history. Instead, in walks a tender, breathing, thinking, little man. It's so incredible to see and watch.

So far, I've loved the age four. I remember Isaac at four. He was just precious and so inquisitive. Caleb has been no different. He has been expressing himself in ways he never knew how to before and we, his parents, have found his budding "maturity" quite fun, memorable and very helpful. There is so much to be learned and so much to enjoy when one has learned to somewhat control themselves (not perfectly at all, but the childishness of two and even three begins to disappear). It's an amazing age and time. I love it. And I'm so proud of the little man that God has given to us. He's such a treasure and perfect addition to our home.

On his birthday we were supposed to be at the snow so, we hadn't planned a party at home or anything. But when we came home early, we called the family and asked everyone to come out to Chili's for dinner on the evening of his birthday. And of course, in true Dauphin birthday fashion, the rest of the day went like all other birthdays.

The night before we decorated, blew up balloons and laid out his presents.

The morning of he woke up to singing and a cinnamon roll breakfast.

He opened his presents where he received a much wanted Marble Set that he's been playing with non-stop since he got it. He's our builder!

For lunch we went to Jack n the Box and got curly fries (to go with our PB and J lunch) as Caleb has been asking specifically for curly fries for at least the last two months.

We made cupcakes.

And then we went out to dinner with the family at Chili's.

Such a fun birthday. And the best part about it was that we could tell that he really understood that he was loved. He got it. As his parents this was a huge gift to us.

Happy 4th Birthday to our brave little soldier.

Daddy and Mommy are so, so proud of you and we love you!

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