Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts and a Breakfast Sandwich

So I have been missing blogging so the fact that this is the last of the Top Ten Blogposts is not too sad for me. And just to prove that I do miss spouting off my crazy, sometimes strange, musings, I've got a bit of a fun question for you that we've been mulling over the past few weeks in my house.

How does a Mathy, a true savant, make a peanut butter banana sandwich?

Well, I'm going to tell you. The mathematician carefully toasts his bread twice (with a flip in the middle) then spreads his peanut butter ever-so-carefully and evenly on both pieces of bread. Then he chops his bananas, smoothly, cleanly and neatly making sure they're all the same thickness. And then, the kicker...

He lines them all up in a very calculated way. Do you see how he saved the two ends to lie next to each other? How quaint. How kind. How totally hilarious.

And that's his best nerdy face!

Now, how does a creative, wordy, literature-laden female make a peanut butter banana sandwich?

Yep...looks about right. And that's the way I like it!!

I've been teasing my husband endlessly about his new, favorite breakfast sandwich over the last few weeks and just had to share. It was too good to pass up.

Now onto the last post which was written right before Elliana was born. It too was fun. It's the Top Five Comments I get while sporting my little troop around town. Even though I have Elliana now, the comments have stayed pretty much the same. They are full of fun, hilarious and too good to pass up commenting on.

Top Five Comments


  1. I'm wondering if he divides the banana up evenly so that he has the correct number of banana slices or does he just eat the rest of the slices (or give them to the kids)? :)

    Also, I wonder if you get the question (I've gotten it sometimes phrased as a comment w/ just 1 girl and 1 boy), "Now that you have your girl, are you done?" ;) I'm sure you have, and I can just picture your little smile and you saying, "I don't know - just one at a time," or "We're taking a little break for now," to the local Santa Cruzians' dismay!

  2. hilarious. if matt liked pb and banana sandwiches like i do, i have a feeling they would look rather "mathy." mine (being someone who does eat that particular combo of sammie) look like yours, nikki. don't you just love the combo of math and literature in marriage? :)

  3. breakfast sandwich? yes please! never thought of this for breakfast. But it sounds delightful! Now to just get out of bed early enough for this!