Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Ten Blogposts-A Book, A Blogpost and a Late Night

First of all, for those of you interested in little Ally, you can check out her mom's post on the whole process for their family. It's tender and honestly written. Check it out here. She's doing great by the way and is well on the road to recovery!

Now for the second to last post in this series...this post came from a little over a year ago. And in light of all that we are inundated with in regards to our "rights" as women, it was great to re-read and remember.

A Book, A Blogpost and a Late Night

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  1. A few things... 1) Praise God for his work in Ally and her family; 2) thanks for your encouragement to encourage and support our husbands; 3) I'm totally ordering that book, and actually, while taking a peak on Amazon was particularly inspired to make food that would really bless Andy. So I made a chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting in the shape of a heart (awwh) as well as a hearty salad (which included bacon) I knew he'd enjoy for dinner tonight and he was really happy. Which made me glad. And I am so thankful that you could help me to see that I am most satisfied when his needs are fulfilled, rather than focusing on what I want, Want, WANT! And you do it so gently. I love you, friend, and you inspire and encourage me!