Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Things Left to Do

I've really knocked many things off my To Do List over these last weeks but there are still a few things left and some can't be done until the last moment. So since we have seven days left, I thought I'd share the last seven things I have left to do.

7 Things Left to Do

1. One more round of laundry. Does it ever end?

2. One more round of ironing. Even though I caught up this last weekend, Steve still has to wear shirts to work so now I am just ironing what he's worn during the week. Much better than my huge pile that leered at me every time I opened our closet.

3. One more round of cleaning. I usually clean on Fridays and because I have a relatively small abode, I can usually get everything fairly clean in just about two hours. The boys even help me vacuum and dust. So I cleaned today and next week I'll do some maintenance cleaning bit by bit just to make sure we're square for awhile. It could be some time before I get to clean the whole house again.

4. Install car seat. We've just got to dig it out of storage and put it in the car. Not nearly the fiasco it has been in the past. At least we know how to get an infant seat in now.

5. Plant my basil. We've got a little garden in the back that has been planted for awhile. Some things are growing well and some are not. But my basil was going to go in a pot and I just haven't done it yet. Not sure if that will get done or not.

6. Finish her blanket and burp rags. I think I need one more night of sewing to get her stuff done. I've already made many burp rags and have only a few more to go. I also have a satin edging to put on her blanket but I have no idea how to do the corners-nicely that is. I'm going to ask one of my sewing buddies to give me some direction and then I'll try and finish that up. It's not perfect whatsoever, but it was a labor of love and I learned a lot doing it.

7. Relax, wait and put my feet up. Ha ha ha. Much easier said than done. Somehow I have a feeling I'll be trying to get the others done but I'm not sure I'll be able to accomplish this one much. But I'll definitely try.

This countdown is really helping the days fly by. Usually what gets me through to the end is not knowing when the baby is going to come and all of the excitement that comes with waiting. Since I don't have the benefit of that this time, it's been fun to countdown this way.

Seven more days to go.

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