Saturday, June 19, 2010

6 Days Left

Like I said before, I'm going on a mini-vacation next weekend and have been getting my bags packed. So in honor of six days left, I bring you...

My Top 6 Things to Bring to the Hospital

1. Good reading material. I'm going to be staying for a few days so, I'll definitely need some good stuff to keep me busy.

2. Baby blanket I made for the little girl. Now all of you sewers out there, don't laugh. This is very far from perfect. I used scrap pieces and I didn't try very hard to get things perfect. But it's really the first thing I've ever made and it was fun to do.

3. Going home outfit. Isaac picked this out for his sister last month at Old Navy. Caleb helped too but this is what Isaac wanted to get her. It's not newborn size (0-3 mths) but I think I can stitch up the straps and maybe it'll fit her. The shoes came from someone at my shower. Absolutely ADORABLE! I've never cared that much about a going-home outfit to take pictures in but this time it was kind of fun to plan something.

4. All of our technology stuff from the cell phone we just recently acquired to Steve's new laptop for grad school. His Geometry class runs through the delivery of the baby until the next week so he'll be needing a computer to do his stuff while we're in the hospital. And of course, we need our camera and video camera. At times like this, I am thankful for technology.

5. I have used this nursing pillow with every.single.child. It is a lifesaver for me in the first couple of weeks. Steve always makes me tell other people what its name is because he thinks it is just oh so funny. is called My Breast Friend and really, after all of the use I've gotten out of it, it really is like a best friend to me.

6. Assuming all goes well, I am planning to nurse this one just like my other three. So, all the nursing stuff from the cover to the soothies and lanolin are a must-have. Even though it's the fourth time, it'll still hurt some and all of that stuff really comes in handy.

Six days left. Less than a week now.

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