Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three Days Left

I know I've focused a lot on my excitement to have a girl but I really, truly have adored having three boys. In fact, it's not something that I've been upset about at all. I will admit that I've definitely wanted to have a girl sometime but having three boys all close together has truly been wonderful for me. I also have to say good-bye to my status as an all boy mom and it will be a change for me. I'm not sad about the change but it will be different. So, in honor of having three days to go and for all you boy moms out there, I bring you my top 3 reasons why having boys is a HUGE blessing!

Side note: these are generalizations and I'm not saying little girls can't be like this too but boys generally are this way and I love them for it!

My Top 3 Reasons Boys Are a Blessing

1. Boys are simple. Now when I say simple, I mean simple vs. complicated not necessarily easy. Lord knows my boys aren't easy all the time at all!! But, boys don't get their feelings wrapped up in things nearly as much as girls do. Therefore, it's quite easy to know how to make them feel happy and how to bless them. You need to get them outside and let them run around. When my boys start running laps inside, I know we MUST go out. And you need to feed them--well. Sprinkle in some wrestling, sports and frog hunting and you can call it a day. They're just not that difficult to figure out. I love that about having boys.

2. Boys are tough. Some of their toughness comes from training but a lot of it is innate which develops over time and that makes them really fun. When my boys are brave, even when they're afraid, it makes my heart proud. It's really exciting to watch them learn and try new things. And it's really great to see them grow in courage. Boys have to be taught to go and conquer the world and care for a family one day. And it's so fun to watch them learn this process through learning to be tough even from a young, young age.

3. Boys LOVE their Mommy. This one is my favorite. All three of my boys are definitely very into their Dad and I would say that they gravitate much more to him (and it should be this way) but...they treat me like a queen. It's just a different kind of love for me. They play with my hair and tell me I look "beautiful today." They pick me flowers and make me cards. Ummmm...I love that. They treat me gently and they're always ready to shower me with kisses. I know that someday their affection in this way will change and be focused on a wife (and praise God for that!!) but for now, I'll drink in all of their slimy, dirty kisses because I can't help but loving their sweetness.

I've loved having boys and I'll miss our all boy family a bit when the little girl arrives.

But not too, too much.

Three days left to go.


  1. Nikki, I have loved this series, and I really get curious about the differences in parenting the genders. Thanks for all of the fun insights!

  2. You are a fabulous writer and I love getting to peer inside your head. I love you tons and am thinking about you a lot. We can't wait to get the news!