Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing Like Nesting...

...To get some stuff done!! I've got four weeks left with number four and that in itself is a recipe for a little bit of well, good old fashioned nesting. Since I know for certain that I won't be getting anything done for at least a year (besides the daily/weekly keep-up of running a home and tending the children) I've been pushing hard to get a TON of stuff organized and put away. I still have a list but...these are a few of the more fun things we've been doing over the last week or so.

All weekend long we hung pictures all over the house. Here are just a few snapshots. We, well Steve, actually hung more than just these.

And there's even room and an empty frame waiting for #4. The frame below the boys' pictures holds the Watermark song, Invade. I'm not crazy, crazy into Christian music but I LOVE Watermark and have for many, many years. If you're interested, you can find the lyrics here.

Our little "office" in our room. Yes....that is facebook up on the screen. And why does it take 6-7 years to hang up diplomas? I don't know but I figured we both did a lot of work and spent a lot of money to get they should go up somewhere. And of course, AGO (Alpha Gamma Omega, Cal Poly's Christ-centered Fraternity) is representing as well with Steve's official membership all framed. Where would we be without AGO? Definitely not married. Thank God for AGO.

We also gutted the front and back yards throwing tons of winter-thrashed toys away and just got the yards ready for summer play. It feels so good to do these things.

But...the funnest thing of all that I've done over the last week is sew. Sew!! Anyone who knows me well KNOWS that I am not crafty at all. I have a sewing machine that I hadn't threaded in nearly two years. It took me over an hour to figure out how to get started again the other day and my husband, who is really good at reading directions, had to come and help me. But the nesting urges brought that machine back out and I have made a few very simple things.

There aren't ANY cute girl burp cloths out there so I made my own. I had the fabric already on the left which came from an old fitted sheet of ours that had a hole in it. Then, after my success with that fabric, I had to go out and buy some more cloth diapers and fabric to make more. I haven't finished them all yet but the swatches on top are samples of the other kinds of fabric I got. Those have been pretty easy and fun to make. I also got some fabric to make a blanket. We'll see if I can pull that one off.

But my favorite of all are the curtains I made for our front room. Remember the old sheet that I just mentioned? Well, the flat sheet was just fine and the pattern matches our walls perfectly. I've wanted to make curtains out of it for the longest time. Sunday night, I finally did it. And every time I look at them I just smile. I LOVE them. It's hard to see from the pictures because of the sunlight pouring in but you get the idea. I actually had to close the blinds in the middle to even get a decent picture!!

Yesterday I visited the doc and all seems to be going well. We're looking at a little less than a month to go at the latest. Still have lots to do but definitely enjoying these last weeks. A little bit more on Sabbath stuff next time.


  1. Don't make TOO many burp cloths, because I want to make some to match some other stuff for your little doll!!!

  2. Good job on all of it! The pics look great and so do the curtains. I love that you're nesting;)

  3. So proud of you! Love all of it! Beautiful!