Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fun and a Link

Thank goodness it's Friday. My belly is getting bigger by the day and my strength is quickly flying out the window. It's so humbling at the end, to remember you just can't do it all. I had been teetering on the edge of sheer, physical exhaustion for a few weeks but this week sent me over the edge. It's official. I'm in the home stretch. My near 20-month-old Curious George loves to remind me of this reality. Truth be told, these days, it doesn't take much.

This week is Steve's last week of classes and next week is finals. After next week, he will have completed his fifth year of teaching. We're still amazed that we're here sometimes and how God orchestrated it all to come to pass. We're definitely very thankful.

That's my handsome husband running the show with his clipboard...recording times and grades! I just loved this boat design as well. Very clever.

Every May, all of Steve's Physics classes have Boat Races in the pool. It's the last project of the year before finals and it is so much fun. The kids are only allowed cardboard and duct tape and then they have to race another boat to try and get the fastest time. Usually, most of the school turns out to watch and cheer on the boats. Of course everyone loves it when the boats sink and students end up in the pool. Fun times! And every year the local news comes out and does a story on the event. So it's a very festive time. My boys and their buddies love to watch too. Steve is always so proud of his students and the designs they come up with and this year was no exception. They do a good job (and in my opinion, they've got a great teacher!!!)

Since it's Friday, and we're all glad it is, I thought I'd give a link to an excellent article written by Nancy Wilson on some shortcuts to doing a Sabbath Meal. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

Enjoy your weekend!

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