Friday, March 30, 2012

The Vote is In...

In a family of many boys, of course, one of the first things on our minds when we first found out about this baby was, what will it be? Will Elliana get a sister to help navigate the male hormones or will she just be our little princess and one and only girl? We weren't sure how it would all play out but we did know this:

God has planned our family the way it is. It's not an accident that He's given us three boys and one girl. He knows what is best and is totally sovereign.

So knowing that, we forged ahead and truthfully felt we'd be thankful either way.

Yet I won't lie and say that I didn't want a sister for Elliana. I never had one and really wanted to give her one. This very well may be our last baby so, I did hope she would get one. But then one day, my mom mentioned to me that Joshua might really be blessed by having a little brother since he can sometimes be the third wheel (which we're always trying to fight). And after that bit of insight, my heart really settled about having another boy too.

Soon after that, I went in for an end of the 1st trimester ultrasound and I ended up being a bit further along than I originally thought. I was actually just shy of 15 weeks rather than the slightly over 13 weeks that I thought I was. At this appointment, since I was a bit further, the ultrasound tech took a peek at the gender and there, plain as day, I could even see for myself that this little baby looked like another boy. She of course told me that it needed to be confirmed at 20 weeks but after that, I just knew it was a boy. I never thought for a second that she might be wrong. And I had peace about it. Not in a fake, Christianese sort of way, but in a real way.

I just kept thinking, "God has given us this. It's His plan for us. And for some reason, He wants us to have a lot boys." Plain and simple.

Now, I must admit that now that I have one girl, it was a bit easier for me to take this in stride. And when I thought about it, I was really super thankful that I got one daughter! One out of five-phew!!

So the vote is's ultrasound confirmed it for sure. This Dauphin family will be welcoming another little boy come mid August.

God Has Given and we're rejoicing!!


  1. Another boy!! So wonderful... I think, after reading your past posts on how to raise sons, God has entrusted you with sons b/c of how Godly/wise your mindset is. Those boys are going to make some good men. And I'm so happy you have a daughter in the midst of it all. :)

    1. Thanks Jenny :)! Those are really kind words. By God's grace...

  2. Congrats on another sweet boy, and a precious healthy child! I look forward to hearing his name - I love your choices and meanings behind them all so far. I'm sure this boy will have an excellent, strong name too! P.S. My MIL was in the exact same birth order as Elle - the second youngest and only girl out of 5. So, if Elle needs any empathy, she can call my mother-in-law in a few years. ;)