Monday, March 5, 2012

The Monday Report

Over the weekend I turned 17 weeks pregnant and am flying faster toward that halfway point than I ever thought possible. A couple of things have happened that are worth noting. First of all, I finally had to break out the maternity pants on Saturday. I don't know why I was holding out for so long. They really do feel wonderful. I finally decided to put them on after realizing that I was coming home, getting out of my jeans and putting on comfy pants as soon as possible to be comfortable. Yep, it was time.

I also had to hang-up my running shoes. I've never been able to run for this long before but, I felt good so I kept going. No cramping whatsoever, no hints of general discomfort or anything. But last week I noticed I was getting a bit more winded which just happens naturally as pregnancy progresses. So today I had to face the music and let it go. This morning was my last run. I knew it was coming...I'll be back. I always am. Until then, I'll walk-as hard and fast as I can :). As the months go on, the pace will definitely change the bigger I get! Ha!

On Thursday I took all of the kids in for an eye exam. Thankfully my mom came with me because it was a bit of a circus. I was planning to go by myself and when I told my mom that, she volunteered...what a champ! She loves me. Anyhow, Isaac and Elle got checked out and they're good. Joshua also turned out great. He just needs to keep wearing his glasses. At Caleb's last check-up, when they diagnosed him with strabismus (cross-eyed) like Josh, he had some amblyopia (vision loss) in his left eye. The eye doctor wanted to see how he improved with the glasses. We were really happy that his vision came back to 20/25! It was a huge improvement! His left eye is only slightly behind now.

However, she still felt it was important to get his left eye back to perfectly normal so we talked about patching. This is just so amazing to me. They have what is called a band-garder (I believe that's the name), and what it is, is a little film they put on the lens of his good eye. It blurs his vision just slightly so that his other eye has to work a bit harder. Brilliant! I don't have to remember to patch his eye everyday. All he has to do is wear his glasses (which he always does), and within four months, it should be back to normal. To a busy mom, this type of thing is genius!

This weekend I'm supposed to get away with a few of my best girlfriends from Cal Poly. I'm trying to hold the whole thing loosely because a lot can happen between now and then but, I am starting to get really excited!! Here's one of them...

And that, my dear readers is today's Monday Report.


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    1. Thanks Tasha...means a lot to a pregnant but currently just looking "larger" mama. You're so sweet!