Monday, March 19, 2012

The Monday Report

Last week was a week full of much needed rest. Just when I thought I might fall off the deep end (ha ha, not really but you know what I mean), we realized that it was Spring Break for Texas A & M and the week off was exactly what our whole family needed. Once Steve was done wrapping up 3rd Quarter grades for his day job, aka Calculus/Physics Teacher, we had him all to ourselves. Many nights were spent wrestling with the boys, building a 1000 piece puzzle together and me gladly passing off the duties of putting them all to bed to The Man. Surprisingly, every day I seemed to feel a little more tired and eventually concluded that I was finally winding down after a bit of a sprinting session. Many of the nights I did not see 10 pm. Such is good for me!

Over the weekend it was also my birthday so there were some festivities. Some of my best pals round these parts took me out to frozen yogurt, Yogurtland, on Friday night for some goodness and girl talk. It was literally pouring buckets but we ventured out anyway. It was so much fun. Thanks so much you! The next morning, my actual birthday, we went out to breakfast as a family to our favorite little place, Red Apple Cafe. After that, we ran errands all over town all together. Running errands together is one of my favorite things and since Steve's been in grad school we don't get to do it all that often since Saturday is one of his study days. It was so fun to stroll through Costco together and do some other necessary things. I loved it.

Afterward we rested and then went out that night to one of our favorite dinner places, The Crow's Nest. We left the children with Grandpa and Grandma close to bedtime and headed out to a late dinner. We had the best time and left stuffed. We had skipped lunch due to breakfast out and then were hungry by dinner time so, that combo left us with full bellies for the second time that day. Oh well, one's birthday only comes once a year!!

All in all, it was a wonderful week of rest that ended with a festive and thoughtful celebration of my birthday.

31 isn't all that bad you know. I told Steve I'm really in my thirties now and he just laughed asking where I'd been the whole last year. I shrugged and said, "I don't know, somewhere in between I guess. It's nice to ease in slowly to these things."

31...yeah I'm okay with it.

And that is today's Monday Report.


  1. Happy birthday, dear woman! Thirty-one with 5 (almost) kids! Not bad, mama! I love eating out just for the sole fact of no dishes!!

  2. Ah, Nikki...I forgot it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!! Yeah for the Red Apple Cafe, that place is very cool.

    Our family was out doing errands all together on Saturday, too.

    And Ryan just said, "Ah, The Crow's Nest...good bread".

    We are glad you had an excellent weekend. Love you all.

  3. Happy Birthday, Friend. Glad you had a sweet celebration. :) I turn 30 later this year and unlike your sweet self, am totally dreading it. Ugh...30!!! I always thought 30 was so old. Oh well, its comin whether I want it to or not. I guess that if my beautiful and sweet friend can do it gracefully so must I! ;)