Monday, March 28, 2011

Playin' Around

So I have cracked open the manual. This is monumental!! But I'm still playing with the camera quite a bit as there are so many amazing things it can do. I tried to get some practice this weekend. Steve took some of the pictures as well. In fact, I think some of his turned out better than mine. Maybe there really is something to the whole "reading the directions" thing.

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend. I took a bunch of the kids to get some practice. A couple also came from a birthday, girls night out, night on Saturday night. My very sweet girlfriends surprised me and took me out for dessert Saturday night (belated due to me having the flu!). It was a really fun time! The rest are just from our lives over the weekend. Who doesn't love to get into helping wash the neighbors car? Especially if there are umbrellas involved to protect yourself from getting too wet?

Or maybe you just don't really care about getting wet!

Two are definitely better than one!

I think I could really get into this photography thing. It's just too much fun.

Speaking of fun, I just can't get enough of this girl right now.

This was our pre-church photo shoot.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Love your pics! Really can see a difference! Annaliese has been talking about the visit with you guys a lot - so sweet! Hugs!