Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Toy

So...this just arrived in the mail today.

(It's the Canon, DSLR Rebel T1i. The editor in me almost couldn't post the above picture because it's actually of a T2i, but I had to concede...they're nearly identical.)

It kinda intimidates me and thrills me all at the same time.

It started as a present to myself a few months ago. My mom has a savings account for us that she occasionally adds money to. Over the years it has grown to be quite extensive and I decided to tap into it right before Christmas because I wanted a good camera that would last and take excellent pictures of our family.

But as of a few weeks ago, I still hadn't bought the camera. Because if you remember, I'm quite quirky and I HATE making big purchases. I'd rather sit and look at them and think about spending the money. That's much safer. I have a much more difficult time actually shelling out the cash.

So in steps the husband to save the day. Steve ordered it himself and upgraded it to an even better one than I was going to get in the first place and got me some accessories to go with it for my birthday.

And I just got it. Today.

I NEVER read directions. Ever.

How am I ever going to figure out how to use it?

Can't wait to try it.

Can't wait.


  1. I have the same camera. Watch the DVD instruction that comes with it. The guy is pretty engaging. I also took a couple of community ed classes that helped me become more comfortable. You can do it!
    Jennifer ++ TMI GREECE ++

  2. Nik, I wonder where you got not reading directions from? Even these kind of things must be hereditary! Me, I can't function without my "directions". But you know what, I love that about you and your Daddy; free Spirits!

  3. OOOH! I'm jealous/happy for you!! I've been wanting to get a camera like that for awhile now, but I haven't even looked into it b/c I'm like you - hating to dish out lots of money. Maybe I'll request a birthday/Christmas present duo! Can't wait to see your new pics.

  4. Have fun! (and I'm slightly jealous :)