Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Fun

The little girl and I are home from church because I've had a bad cold/flu. I'm definitely feeling much better today but am just resting as much as I can before the troops come back and Steve heads off to finish up an assignment due tomorrow. It's pouring outside and it's quiet inside.

I like it.

It's never fun to be sick at birthday time. However, I was blessed NOT to be sick on the actual day but rather the day after. The day of my birthday my mom came over and the boys gave me their presents (my mom had taken them shopping earlier in the week). It was fun for me to wear what they got me out that night. Then later, an army of troops helped care for our children from my brother and sister-in-law to my mom and Steve's parents. It's just not so simple to leave them all now especially with the baby in the picture!! But we got away to dinner for FIVE hours and by the end of the time, we were laughing like we were newlyweds again. It's amazing what an extended time out can do! Thanks guys!

There were other birthday events lined up for the weekend. However, due to sickness, those plans had to be amended. We canceled my family birthday gathering at the Cheesecake Factory this afternoon because the thought of being out all morning and then driving to San Jose for the rest of the day just made me pooped. But that's okay.

I did get to make it to last night's events though. After pumping myself full of Tylenol, I felt well enough to go to our friends' annual St. Patrick's Day party for a bit. If they didn't live down the street, that would've been out of the question too. But Steve had gotten me my favorite cake from the Buttery to be eaten there so...I rallied as best as I could. The cake was amazing by the way. And the party tons of fun.

I've got a great hubby who made me feel very special despite my unexpected sickness. What a guy.

In case you're wondering...thirty doesn't feel that different. In fact, I'm excited to see what God brings this decade. The last ten years saw me get married and have a bunch of kids. Those things are past now. This next decade well, I think we'll just be doing life, growing children and making memories. I'm excited for it and pray that God will continue to teach me through it all.

Okay thirties...I'm ready.

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