Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Geography Lesson

This conversation occurred in the back of the car on the way home from church this past Sunday.

Isaac: (While studying our little globe that he managed to sneak into the car): Caleb, if you go up through Oregon, then Washington and all the way through Canada, you'll get to Alaska! And Alaska is kinda close to the old USSR.

Caleb (Very triumphantly and feeling very proud of himself): Oooooooooooohhhh. And if you get to Alaska, you'll find England, which is very faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr away (where their cousins live)!

Isaac (Very instructively and to set the matter straight): No, no Caleb. England is in the British Isles.

At this point, Steve and I, who were straining as hard as we could to listen to their little conversation, just busted up laughing.

Watching our children learn things has got to be one of God's greatest gifts to parents. Amidst all the correction, the tireless toil and the thankless day ins and day outs...seeing our children learn new things just brings an encouragement like no other.

Thanking God for His amazing gift of education and for Him giving little glimpses into the little minds/personalities in our home!


  1. That is so cool. I love it...and I think they know more geography than me. I can't even place the states in the right place on a blank US map.

  2. Jilly,
    Neither can I. Neither can I! Here's to hoping the next generation won't be as geographically ignorant as their mother! Ha!