Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're on Vacation!!

Steve turned in his grades this morning so we're home free. Today has been such a relaxed and wonderful day!

We've needed this time badly and it has arrived!

We're making fun messes (this was done while I was on the phone this evening). I had to laugh when I realized they had unraveled an entire thing of ribbon. Good thing it's just the cheap stuff and that I have a ton of it. Not really a big deal. They tied all the kitchen chairs together as well as some poor, innocent, stuffed animals! Ha!

We've watched some football. Since we don't have TV, whatever football Steve can catch, has to be done via the computer. Isaac is hooked. Look at him. He's hooked people...hooked. 49ers game online. They're not doing well, but he's still a fan. He's successfully indoctrinated and we're proud of it!


Lil Miss Elle here has discovered, about two weeks ago now, how to sit up all on her own. So she's been playing up a storm with her brothers and their toys. Even she likes Lightning McQueen. She'll be six months on Christmas Day!

And about two weeks ago as well, Caleb got his turn to go with Steve to a 49er game. Luckily, they won that one. And these two had a blast.


Gotta start 'em young. Even though they haven't done so well this season, we still love them. Go Niners!!

Enjoy your family time!

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  1. Oh, yeah! GO NINERS!!! Really cute! I've got to get to another game. The closest I can go is San Diego, so maybe next time they go there, we can go. Hopefully, they win then (although Ken won't like that). love you guys