Friday, December 31, 2010

Ten Questions for New Year's Eve

The years seem to fly faster now. I wish they would slow down. I'll be thirty in three precious months and I'll officially kiss my twenties good-bye. I have four kids now. I never knew I'd have four children by the time I was thirty. But as crazy as it sounds to me, it's true.

Now that we have a bunch of small kids, it makes it much more difficult to get out and "party" on New Year's Eve. Not that we were major partiers before but we'd at least hang out with friends and bang pots or something. And when we do try and plan something with our friends who have little kids, the plans usually are canceled due to sick children (which are extremely common this time of year).

Therefore, I'm proposing a new tradition this year. Since it's just the hubby and I anyway, we're going to go out with a ourselves. But at least they'll be good conversation, some whiskey for the husband and a bit of light Moose Tracks ice cream for me (if you know me well, yes it's still in a half cup).

Here are 10 Questions to ask on New Year's Eve:

1. What is the thing you're most grateful for from this last year?

2. What is something you would change from this last year?

3. What is the most unexpected thing that happened this last year?

4. Name each child and at least one thing they accomplished that you're proud of from this last year.

5. What area of our marriage improved over the last year? What still needs improvement?

6. If you could name one place to vacation this next year, what would it be and why?

7. How could you improve in your work over this next year?

8. How could you improve in our marriage over this next year?

9. How could you improve as a parent over this next year?

10. What are you most looking forward to over this next year?

Or make up your own. I just wrote these up real quick as something to do tonight. But be creative!!

Happy New Year!

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  1. thats fantastic! good idea nikki. we'll have to copy you on this one. :) happy new year!