Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Certain Little Fairy...

Is making her debut appearance in our house tonight. All the hearts of the children were aflutter in anticipation.

My oldest, my BABY for crying out loud, lost his first tooth. I still can't believe it. He announced it triumphantly on the way home from church with blood streaming down his chin! Boys! And then when we asked him to produce the evidence by showing us where it was, he said, "I don't know." After getting home, we made a thorough search of the car and it was nowhere to be found. We think he must have swallowed it in his excitement!!

Once he realized he didn't have the tooth in hand, he pleadingly looked at me and implored, "But Mommy, what am I going to tell the Tooth Fairy?" Whaaaaaaaattt? How does he know about the Tooth Fairy? Apparently quite a bit, because in lieu of his tooth, he wrote her a note (one of his very best buddies did the same thing so he must've heard about it from him) and this is what it said.

Let me spell it out for you. "I will like mune (money) plees, can u plees git me supting. Its Isaac (in case she was confused)." Isn't he a genius? Ha ha ha! He wrote that all on his own. He sounded out the words and everything. I about died when I read it-it was so darn to-the-point and hilarious. He would like money but if worse comes to worse, just get him something! I could scarcely hide my laughter. That little letter is currently tucked safely under his pillow. I'm not sure what the going rate is these days. Whatever, days like today remind me simply of this: being a parent is the greatest.

Now I must go don my wings, flit about and "git that boy supting".



  1. Nikki: This is hilarious. He has been telling me about that loose tooth for about two weeks now. It finally happened. Another first for you my precious daughter and please get him supting!

  2. I love it. I love Isaac. I too can't believe the little boy I met in the hospital (seemingly yesterday) just lost his first tooth!

  3. That is totally adorable! You think your kids don't know about things, but guess what? They know more than you realize, good or bad. This is just great, though. Yup, your kids are growing. ENJOY!!!

  4. I hope the tooth fairy was generous, because that expression on Isaac's face is priceless!!!!

    The tooth fairy better start saving up, because there are a LOT of teeth in those five little mouths that will require a coin or two under their pillows! :)