Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three for Three

It's been a long semester. When Elliana was six weeks old, Steve began a very daunting and difficult Master's class titled Numerical Analysis. To put it in very basic layman's terms, he started learning how to prove and program the math behind how computers and calculators compute their math. As a result, he has spent every single weekend of the last four months studying. Usually he would study all day on Saturday and part of the day on Sunday sometimes leaving early on Sunday mornings to clock in a few hours at Starbucks before church. Most weeks he spent a few weeknights studying as well. So he's been quite busy. Which means that I've been busy too. It's been a bit of a ride. We did get meals together on weekends though and we always had our Saturday night Sabbath dinner so, that really helped me have something to look forward to.

Yet, I'm happy to announce that his hard work has paid off.

My stud of a husband just received his final grade in the class and folks, he earned himself an A! And as he told me last night, I get an A too-an A for having such a good attitude while he was off in his Mathy land. Yeah!! I passed too!

So, that makes him 3 for 3...straight A's in his quest of a Master's in Mathematics. I know you all think, "Oh that's great! Good for him!" And yes, good for him. But think about it this way.

He has four children, ages five and under, and they didn't go neglected over these last four months. And neither did his wife...we managed to pull through without too many breakdowns (although we do need a rest).

He is teaching four different preps (2 are new to him this year)-AP Calculus, Calculus, AP Physics and Physics.

His class was 4 units this time, not three.

And he still managed to pull out with an A. That makes his accomplishment even more impressive, if you ask me.

And as if he hasn't already had enough punishment, he signed up for the next class in the series next semester.

Aaaaaaahhh! We're going to make it, by God's grace.

Now Steve is giving finals to his students and once he's done grading them, which probably won't be until early next week if we're lucky, he'll be on vacation for two weeks. And he won't have to start up at Texas A & M until the end of January. We're all really looking forward to the break.

I have a new appreciation for wives whose husbands have to be gone a lot, whether for deployment or for their jobs/school. Working straight through the week, only to keep going on weekends, is really hard. And at least my hubby got to be home at the end of the day. My hat's off to you ladies. You're really tough!

But anyhow, the victory was sweet last night. He worked for it. He did it. And we're all pretty darn proud of our special man.


  1. YAY!!! Congrats! I totally feel you (except that I just have one child). Trav's in the throes of completing his master's as well... ugh. So hard to have a good attitude about it, but when I do, it really helps everyone. Hats off to you, m'dear!

  2. Nikki, you get an A PLUS. Your encouragement, patience, fortitude, and understanding while Steve is exercising his brain in numerical methods, is a "perfect exam" in my book. BRAVO!