Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Debbi Weeks!!

A BIG "Thank you!" to all who participated. This was really fun.

The person with the most entries was Robbin with 9.

There were 9 people with one entry.

There were 6 people with 6 entries.

There was 1 person with 5 entries.

But the overall winner of the LARGE BAR PAN was none other than Debbi Weeks.


  1. Who was it that said it was rigged? I'm glad for Debbi. How fun. I'm going to enjoy my new stuff, though. Can't wait to get it. love you guys

  2. Ha ha Robbin. You did have the most entries. But Debbi had 6 so she wasn't too far off from you. I laughed when I pulled her name and thought, "Some people might think I rigged it." But she really did win fair and square.