Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Been Awhile

My internet has been down so I haven't been able to write anything for a few days now. They're hoping to have it up and running tomorrow. I've been wanting to put up some stuff on Advent. We'll see if they can figure out the problem. They think a little creature might have chewed up some of the wires. That's living in the country for ya. But tonight, I hijacked my husband's laptop and tapped into my neighbor's wireless network. Don't worry, he's our friend (and also the IT guy here) and he gave me permission. I just couldn't stand not checking my email for one more instant! Two days without email. I thought I was going to die.

You never realize just how dependent you are on the internet until you don't have ready access to it, which of course causes some reflection. I don't need the internet. I just like it. And if I'm being really honest, I don't just like it, I hate to part from it. I should probably take vacations from the computer more often. Of course, there's nothing more to say about that. As soon as my internet is back I won't have learned anything from this little stint away from instant information. I will still be addicted to it. No need to hide from the truth.

And since I'm being oh so honest and forthright, I thought it would be a great opportunity to leave you all with a little bit of Elisabeth tonight because she is just so right on, so to the point and no nonsense! These are from my favorite of her books, Let Me Be a Woman, which I've already quote from, and are totally unrelated (although many are on marriage), but so great in and of themselves.

"How shall we learn to believe and obey God if we have not been taught from earliest childhood to believe and obey the ones He put over us?" pg. 35

"If morality is merely a matter of taste of community tolerance its foundation constantly shifts. If it has the Word as its foundation is unshakable." pg. 61

"There is a whole world of difference between those who look only for their own happiness in this world and those who know that their true happiness lies in the will of God." pg. 67

"Finally, and I think most importantly, marriage is a vocation. It is a task to which you are called. If it is a task, it means you work at it. It is not something which happens...You concentrate on it, giving yourself to it day after day in a lifelong Yes. Having said Yes to the man who asked you to marry him, you go on saying Yes to marriage." pg. 102

"You take up life as husband and wife and you start laying down your lives--not as martyrs, not as doormats or ascetics making a special bid for sainthood, but as two lovers who have needed and received grace, and who know very well that they are going to keep on needing and receiving it every day that they live together." pg. 121

Gotta go nurse that baby! Goodnight!

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  1. Ha! Totally have the same feelings about the internet. Love/hate. I need to learn to have more self-control in my use towards it probably (esp when husband is gone and it's easy to waste time...) but it also is so helpful in connecting me and my little world to the bigger world. Hope yours is up and running soon!