Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yet Again...

For the fourth time, I've found myself knee deep in potty training. Horrible, disgusting, gut-wrenching potty training. I'm no stranger to its "delights" yet still, I find myself battling the same emotions that I go through every.single.time.

Are they even getting it?

Have we made any progress?

Yesterday was a great day. Why is today so off?

Maybe I should've waited longer.

These are just a few of the thoughts running through my mind when I'm in the thick of it. If I could just step back and get out of the messy world I'm running in, I might realize that today really is better than yesterday-really. Sometimes perspective is everything. And perseverance is the only thing that keeps you going.

All that said, Elliana is doing fairly well especially for a little girl just shy of two years old. I decided to try and get her out of diapers now for many, many reasons. I'm not an impulsive person and so I've been thinking through the whole thing for many months now.
1. She seemed ready.
2. In the past I have always had a nursing baby in tow while running a two-year old to the bathroom. The thought of avoiding that debacle this time around seemed, I don't know, pleasant.
3. It was either now or in 8-10 months due to us having a baby in four months. Saving nearly a year's worth of money on diapers was a great motivation. Plus, I've always had at least two in diapers for awhile...the thought of only changing one when the baby comes seemed so wonderful too.
4. When she turns two in June, I knew I'd be too big and would lack the physical stamina needed to be bending over and getting up and down off the floor a hundred times a day in order to properly train her. At nearly 23 weeks now, I can still pull it off-well barely.
5. Giving her four months until she spends time away from us seemed like a reasonable amount of time for her to get good at it. At least good enough to be away for a few days.

But it's still so hard. So, so hard. If I wasn't SO cheap, I'd pay someone to do it for me. Seriously.

Once they "get it" and get it well, there is freedom. But until then, it's a lot of hard work.

Now, I've only trained boys so far and that is one of the things that has thrown me off-big time, this time around. I know everyone says that girls are easier but, listen people, I beg to differ. Girls are messy. MESSY! With boys, you help them aim and it all goes in the potty. No wiping involved unless it's a #2. With girls, pee goes everywhere. There's no aim and there certainly isn't any decorum involved. It's just plain messy. Plus, you can't take them anywhere. Boys can slyly pee in a bush if you need them to. And there's many more reasons why I think boys are easier.

But I'm digressing.

If you think of it, pray for me. Even though it's my fourth time around, I still feel like it's my first and I'm blubbering through it all.

I guess that's how God keeps us humble huh?!

Until next time....


  1. Here's a tip for a potty training a girl on the go ... keep a potty in the back of your car. We have had a potty in the back for 4 years now, and used it countless times! Close the hatch for privacy, avoid dragging everyone into a public bathroom, and just dump it in a bush or under the car! (Unless it is more than pee ... that I actually tote home to dispose of properly, but it has been rare). And our potty has a lid ... in case we need to drive around before we can dump.
    Hope that helps!!

    1. Great tip Allison! Thank you so much! Great to hear from you girlie.

  2. Sounds similar to our adventures lately. I had the desire to get Aaron out of the crib before the new baby comes, but after a week of me crying every day from exhaustion and Aaron barely getting any sleep, we gave up and returned the crib rail to the crib. We'll try again several months after the baby comes, when Aaron truly shows he's ready (this time I knew he wasn't but wanted to try anyway). God will give us the stamina and patience to try again when Aaron is ready! Best of luck as you continue with Elliana! I admire you trying so early, but if she's ready, why not?! Aaron is showing no signs, but I didn't really expect him to at this point. I think boys are typically a little more behind than girls, plus he's always been a bit later with his milestones so I don't expect any different with bed-transition or potty-training. We might just have a busy fall/winter with another baby, and a bed-transitioning-potty-training toddler! ;)

    1. Amber,
      I completely understand. Like I said, I've potty-trained the last three times with a nursing infant in tow. It can happen. Also, Elliana has three older brothers and I've found that the ones with a lot of older siblings tend to be more interested probably because they see it all the time (Joshua was my easiest so far). He'll get there! Great to hear from you my friend. Take care...not much longer.