Monday, April 9, 2012


Isaac blue-steeling it...this was the only decent one out of the 20+ I took but Isaac's face cracks me up!!

Our family had a wonderful Easter weekend remembering and then celebrating Christ's death and Resurrection from the grave. Every year, as the boys get older and can take more in, it gets even more exciting to give them more to chew on.

We started out our Holy Week a week ago Saturday at our Sabbath Dinner. Red candles were lit instead of the usual white and our Jesus Branch was hung up. Sunday we started adding different objects to our branch that told the story of the Resurrection and continued every night until Easter. During the week we made our playdough mountain that depicts Jesus on the cross. Joshy helped me make it this year. On Good Friday, Jesus went in the tomb. Every night we read more of the story and I was amazed at how riveted they all were by it.

We started off the Easter weekend with church on Good Friday. We then spent the afternoon with Steve's family eating amazing food and getting cousin playtime.

On Saturday, we prepared for our own family's celebration of Easter at our Sabbath Dinner. This year we decided to add in something we had never tried before. Toward the end of the week we decided to show the boys some scenes from The Passion because they were so interested in what it must've been like for Jesus and it was really the only movie we had on hand. I was a tad worried about how they would take it. However, they really did well with it. They kept saying, "It's okay...we know He's going to rise from the dead."

One of the scenes depicted was Jesus washing his disciples feet at the Last Supper and the boys were pretty intrigued by the whole thing especially after hearing us read it to them as well. So, after seeing their interest we decided that Steve would wash theirs during our dinner as an example of what Christ did for his followers. I think that was my favorite part of the whole night. They loved it. Isaac asked if Steve could do it every Saturday. It was truly an amazing, meaningful night. We also practiced, quite loudly I might add, "Christ is Risen...He is Risen indeed!! This was in preparation for church the next day. After that we of course feasted on good food that was a splurge budget and calorie wise, as we awaited to hear the news that Christ is Risen!!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a yummy waffle breakfast and then headed out to church all laden with refreshments and candy-filled eggs for the Easter Egg hunt after service. The service was chock full of joy and hope. As we moved through the service, standing, sitting, singing, reciting creeds and remembering, I was reminded once again how a liturgy can help prepare my heart to receive God's Word and then Communion (but that's just my experience :) ). During the sermon, there were so many things that came to mind as I was reminded that my sin does nothing for me and needs to be left behind. Why do we try and live as if we are dead? He is alive! He is Risen! We can leave our sin that produces nothing but death in our lives and be free! Amen!

After getting some eggs at the egg hunt after service, we headed over to my parents' for the afternoon to spend time with my family including both of my brothers and my parents. We feasted on amazing food, had another egg hunt and just got to hang out and rest.

In reflection, sometimes I am tempted to slack off and do less during these type holidays so that I don't become overwhelmed. But as Steve told me recently that he often has to tell himself, "I need to die...I need to die for them (meaning the kids and me)." So I also need to die. I wasn't perfect for sure, but I definitely found myself having more joy in the process. Who cares if I have to make five million desserts and drag out all the paraphernalia and plan more elaborate menus, etc...this stuff is IMPORTANT. I can't coast. It's hard work but good work. Christ has called me to it. So I tried really hard to lay myself aside and just die for them, so that they could see clearly all that Jesus did on the cross.

Because if Steve and I, their own parents, don't show them, who will?

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter season for our family.


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    1. Thanks Diane! Thanks for being such an encouragement to all of us moms to keep on with the celebrating. I appreciate you so much!!

  2. You are inspiring, little mama! I love everything you did for your family during this celebration! Love you!

    1. Steph,
      When my kids were littler we started so small with these things and then worked our way up from there over time. It's always easier to add a bit here and a little there-way less overwhelming. You are an amazing mom and a wonderful friend. Love you!

  3. I see you have Noel's book!! :) I was wanting to do all those traditions this year as well... but with Travis missing the whole season, I never fully got around to it. Next year! Love to see it played out, though. I'm glad your Easter was a happy one.

    I'm interested in knowing more of your "journey", as you talked about the liturgy. And I'm also interested in how your niece is, with the cleft?? (Future blog posts?? :))

    1. Jenny,
      Yes! I got that book before I had kids and it has been the BEST resource over the years. Like I said in an above response to a dear friend, start slow. When Isaac was Bella's age we did one thing. I found it to be easier to add things as the boys got older and their understanding grew (although a 3 year old can understand quite a bit). I'm sorry Travis had to be gone for Easter. Truthfully Jenny, I pray for you often about this...nearly every time you come to mind.

      As far as our journey with liturgy etc... it started when we became Reformed awhile back and pretty much cascaded from there. I did write about it a little and probably should some more. Thanks for the idea.

      Ally is doing well as far as I know. I haven't heard about her needing anymore surgeries but, I could just not know. Her cleft was in the soft palate and so from what I understand, they closed it up and that's it. But I could be wrong.

      As always, great to hear from you friend. Keep hanging in there.

      Love, Nikki

  4. Hi Nikki! After being a long time stalker of your blog, I decided to say hi :) I love reading about the way you and Steve parent, and you are so encouraging. Congratulations on your upcoming blessing! Love, Lizzie

  5. Lizzie,
    So great to hear from you! I must confess that I too check out your blog from time to time and love getting the little updates on your precious little girl. You know that we live in your hometown so if you're ever up this way and want to hang out, let me know! Love, Nikki