Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting There {The Monday Report}

It's been a week just like that.  I have often found myself wanting to just drape myself over something to konk out for awhile!  But alas, many little hands are always waiting for something so, I must keep going. (Isn't that picture just hilarious.  My mom and I found Caleb like that last Friday afternoon after we realized we hadn't heard from him in awhile.  We had been switching out all of my regular clothes for maternity clothes and before we knew it, he had put himself to sleep...just like that.  Don't worry, I moved him.  After I took his picture of course!) 

I discovered, just today, that Steve begins finals for Texas A & M next week not the week after like we both thought.  This is definitely a blessing but a bit of a surprise as well.  It does mean though that we're buckled down to survive the next two weeks or so as he's not only taking finals for his schooling but he's also giving finals, practice tests and administering study nights for his AP Physics and AP Calculus classes that are taking their AP tests in the next two weeks.  Once we get to the end of it all, we can breathe...for a few weeks at least until he starts summer semester.

Looking back this semester has definitely been challenging.  There have been times I've been in tears.  There have been times I thought it wouldn't end.  But truthfully, all in all, it's been okay.  We've found our rhythm and ultimately God has given us the strength needed.  Giving ourselves little goals has also really helped both of us feel like we were making it and seeing Steve succeed in his studies makes the hard work worth it indeed.  Now we just need to get through one more semester like that this summer and then we'll be having our baby boy!  After that, Lord willing, no more two class semesters.  Just two one class semesters left until graduation.  Phew!

This last week I really noticed that I'm getting more pregnant.  I'm 24 weeks and feeling it.  I just realized the other day that I am only three weeks out from my third trimester-no wonder I feel so tired!  I'm trying to slow down a bit here and there but, life just doesn't slow down much with four little kids and a husband who works all day and who is also in grad school full-time.  However, both Steve and I walked into all of that with our eyes wide open.  We both knew it wouldn't be easy so, discovering we were right isn't all that surprising.  I'm just trying to find the balance I need to get keep going while still being fair to my poor, tired body.  I'll get there.

There have been so many things I've also been working through (sometimes fighting through) that I have really been seeing God's hand in.  Various things have been helping me sift through my thoughts and feelings.  One of those is music.  As a mom it's very difficult to get a moment to myself.  It's not like I can escape to Starbucks to get some amazing alone time with God.  But I need Him-desperately!  However, throughout the day, God ministers to me so much through music.  Hymns, popular Christian, secular...all of it.  It's as if the songs pray the words I need to pray for me.  The lyrics tap into my very heart and help me pour out my requests to God as the music washes over me.  I need this.  Often.  And I've been finding that the more I allow music to minister to my weary soul, the more God heals my heart, brings me to repentance and provides me with hope.

Knowing God is the keeper of my heart makes me feel like all of my concerns, cares and hurts don't go unnoticed.  God knows my heart, good and bad, and He alone knows how to take my restlessness away and bring me rest.   This song has been a favorite of mine for awhile.  Hope you all enjoy it.   

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