Friday, September 9, 2011

This May Be the End of Me

So, one of the activities that the two boys do play very well together, is what they call a "camp out". Oh, how nice. And as much as I do want to encourage them in that area, this activity drives me a bit bonkers. Nevertheless, most days, I do let them do it.

One of the reasons it drives me crazy is that Caleb spends all this time building the camp out and then Elliana spies it and wrecks it in five seconds flat. There's never a good space to do it and keep her out of it. So, we go through a cycle of Caleb building feverishly and Elliana leveling it. There are tears, frustration and then a determination to try again from Caleb. Joshua just laughs about the whole process in the carefree way that he does, and Elliana looks at me like, "What mom?" Hmmm......

But truth be told, it's their favorite game right now and has been since Isaac started school. And they work together while doing it. So even though they pull out nearly every blanket we own, are very inefficient at cleaning it up (requiring me to be like a drill sergeant), and there are multiple near meltdowns over the whole process, I still let them do it.

Am I insane?

Yup, I think this confirms it.

I've definitely got some screws loose.

Oh well, at least they're being friends.

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