Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Good Reminder

Saturday night we got to go celebrate one of our dear friends who just completed his Master's Degree. It was a beautiful night of friends, remembering the hardships, glorying in the triumphs and being thankful for God's provision along the way.

For us it was a good reminder.

This friend and other good friends before him as well, finished his Master's with a family in tow. And he did it well.

God extended grace. God provided for the many details. God gave the success earned.

It was truly a time of celebration and we were glad to be there.

As we drove away, I looked at Steve and said, "What a great reminder as we're almost halfway done with your Master's. We'll make it. It's going to continue to be difficult but we'll get there."

We're so thankful for our friends who have gone before us. Their finishing, their faithfulness is such an encouragement to us. At times it is such a steep climb, but God's grace will cover us.

We're thankful for accomplishments that deserve honor and celebration.

And we're thankful for what these accomplishments remind us of...God is faithful. God will provide. God will walk with us.

All in all, in light of yet another semester in full swing, it was timely.

It was a good reminder.

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