Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It was just one of those mornings you know. Everybody was fighting. Everyone was crying. There was hardly any listening going on and I was about to go hide in the bathroom. I'm not quite sure what triggered the madness. And really, it doesn't matter. Even if I was the perfect mom, these days would still come. I've seen mornings like that more times than I'd like to admit and I know they will continue as long as my children are under our roof. It's just life.

But amidst the unusual chaos (in my house there is usual chaos and unusual chaos), I did discover a little gem. I had been wanting to try this for awhile after hearing/reading about it somewhere. I don't even remember where. So if it's your idea...sorry for stealing it! But after many attempts to get the two boys to play nicely with one another, I decided to tie their hands together and make them travel as "one" for a period of time. All of my boys are different but, I want them to grow up to be best friends. So whatever it takes to encourage that, I'll do.

I can't tell you how well it worked! They were forced to work together. And really, they got along swimmingly (while being attached that is). I think one of the main pet peeves of all parents is sibling infighting. Isn't it just horrible?! Isaac and Caleb play pretty well together now. They don't butt heads a lot. But Joshua and Caleb are a whole different story. Somedays they will do great. But most days, there is a decent amount of fighting. There's just something about the dynamic of three boys that makes the second and third naturally at odds. I think it's a lack of a leader among other things. My prayer for them this year, while Isaac is at school, is that they'll become inseparable just like Isaac and Caleb are. That is really my prayer.

And I guess, today they were. Whether they liked it or not.


  1. I do this too! Only we've used rubber bands. They HATE it at first and then after a few minutes they get along really well, and their moods have changed. It works wonders, doesn't it?

  2. Kate! Rubber bands! How brilliant. I couldn't really think of anything so I had to use a dishtowel and it didn't work super well. But now I know. Rubber bands will do the trick. Thanks girl.