Monday, September 19, 2011

Boys Day Out

We have shared season tickets to the 49ers for a few years now and this last Sunday, it was our turn to go to the game. In a crazy moment, we decided to take all of the boys since Joshy could still get in without a ticket. He gets left out of so many things still due to his age so, since we could bring him, we wanted to do it.

It was tons of fun.

We left Elliana with Grandma for the day and off we went.

Our version of tailgating was leftover pizza, chips and juice boxes. If you bring juice boxes to pretty much anything, you're an instant hero. So if you add chips to the equation, you can basically be transformed into a super hero in two seconds flat.

Just call us Mr. and Mrs. Incredible okay?!

Spittin' image, I know.

The only bummer about the game, besides the fact that they lost their ten point lead in the fourth quarter and then lost in overtime, was that it was extremely hot.

And I mean HOT!

It's never that hot at Candlestick (San Francisco for you out-of-towners)...ever.

But yesterday it was.

The boys (all of us rather) endured the heat for nearly three hours with the help of lemonade, ice cream and frequent head dousings with the water bottle and then we had to call it quits. It was just too hot.

We left right at the beginning of the Fourth Quarter.

But we missed the crazy traffic and didn't have to watch the heartbreaking loss at the end. In n Out always helps too at these moments.

I was just thankful to have my hands free of the baby to be able to hold hands and cuddle my boys.

Regardless of the heat and the loss, it truly was an excellent day.

PS: Andy Dollahite, I know that you were gloating as you thought of us poor 49er fans yesterday but just remember, you had to wear the 49er jersey all those years ago...we'll get you guys next time!!


  1. Hahahaha. Guilty. [Although I had to change my undershorts a few times leading up to that final kick in OT.]

    As I was reading your post I kept thinking that it was so funny how you left out who the 49ers played... heartbreaking to lose to America's Team, I know ;p. However, that was priceless when you called me out at the end.

    By-the-by, my parents, as well as Jon and Ashley were at the game. They also had to leave early since my folks were hosting small group at 6. I had to call Jon by phone to give him the play-by-play at the end.

    Keep the great posts coming!

    PS - You know you got to point out the many worthy aspects of Tony Romo's performance to your boys...stepping up huge in circumstances that he could have easily hidden behind.

    PPS - Once the Niners get a decent QB, they are going to be a great team again. Your coach has them going in a great direction.

  2. You have me green with envy right now. I have jerseys, jackets, shirts, etc. and no where to wear them. :) Only been to maybe three games...two with Liz when they played Green Bay and I remember TO and the pompoms - we were there right above him. hahaha I couldn't believe we ended up losing that game. I have been able to go to Dodgers games, though. Haven't made it to Lakers games yet. Baseball is still a bit more affordable, even for good seats (you might be able to see pics of our different seats this year in my FB pics). Anyway, glad you got to go to a game or two or more. Cheer them on for me when you're there. I do here if I get it on TV, but not often, unfortunately. love you much