Friday, September 16, 2011

A New Name

Toward the end of summer, one of Steve's colleagues who is the cross country coach, asked me if I would help out with Monte Vista's cross country team. After getting over the initial shock of- is she really talking to ME?, I quickly concluded that there would be no possible way I could pull that off. The last thing I want to do to Steve on a regular basis, is dump all four children on him as soon as he walks in the door. Plus that would involve him coming home really early, which just isn't possible. Occasionally him taking the kids right after work needs to happen for various reasons but, it's not the best case scenario. I politely told her, "No." and thanked her for even thinking of me.

But here's a confession. I always wished I had run cross country in high school. However, I didn't. I was too timid to try and I was almost always involved in the fall play (plus various choirs as well) which gave me an easy out. Nevertheless, I really could've pulled it off if I tried, but I didn't and I've always kinda regretted that.

Not a huge regret. Just a little one.

So when she asked me to help, it piqued my interest for sure and I was intrigued.

When we went away a few weekends ago, Steve asked me if I had ever gotten back to her about helping. I told him, "Yeah. I told her 'No.' pretty quickly." He looked aghast and asked me right away why I had done that. After I explained, he said, "Well, I couldn't help everyday but, I'd be willing to do it once a week."

I was shocked....stunned. And then I grew excited.

We decided I would help on the same day that my mom comes (she comes once a week to help me) that way if Steve couldn't get home right away, she would be there. She's actually done most of the work so far, as Steve has had some things going on, but they're going to tag team it for the next few months. (I love you Mom!)

I've only been able to help out for a few weeks but I have been having the best time. The kids are so great and it's fun to get to know them a bit as we run. When the first one called me Coach Dauphin, I about keeled over and died it was just too funny!! But in all seriousness, it's really blessed me-a lot.

I think that for the last six years I've been so focused on what was before me-lots of kids, a house to run and a very handsome husband!! And that's the way it should've been. But lately, since I don't have a nursing baby, I've been able to venture out in very small ways here and there and it's been really fun. I'm not saying that I've been "oh so oppressed" and "now I finally get to do something for myself" (dripping sarcasm here). But I think I've just been able to really enjoy some extras here and there. And since it's been awhile, I've been able to be really thankful for the time.

So I guess I've got a new name to add to the list...Coach Dauphin. The sound of it just makes me howl.

It also makes me smile-quite a bit.

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  1. Isn't it great when God gives you a way...your mom and Steve. I wondered about Steve's reaction and then got to where you answered that question. Of course, he's willing to help and support you. You two are amazing. love you guys