Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lil' Joshua is Two

Of course I've wanted to get on the computer and write but I've been so crazy busy these past few days. Joshua turned two on Monday and in true Dauphin fashion, we had to have a our share of celebrations. Life just isn't full without celebrations and feasting huh!! There's always an excuse to party. Anyhow, we started over the weekend by celebrating with the Dauphins at Henry Cowell State Park. Grandma's birthday is just a few days before Joshua's so we did a little combo party. Grandpa grilled some meat and we all feasted. The kids also had a great time playing in the woods. Usually we head down to the river for water fun but opted out this time. Steve had a tetanus shot the afternoon before and he got a reaction to it-he felt like he had the flu for about twenty-four hours. So since he wasn't up to par, we decided to skip it this time. He told me that he now has much more sympathy for our kids when they get shots. Poor guy. We still had fun though.

Monday Joshua woke up to the usual decorated house full of streamers and balloons. Cinnamon rolls were also waiting on the table. This is always our birthday breakfast. They devoured the cinnamon rolls just in time for us all to get dressed and out the door to drive carpool. That night we took the kids into town to the mall. We got everyone Hot Dog on a Stick corndogs and fries, and the kids got to play for a few hours in the play area. My parents, Yia Ya and Pa Pou, met us there since they couldn't come to Joshua's little neighborhood party the next day. After riding a few of the mall rides (which is a huge treat because we NEVER bring money for those rides) my parents treated everyone to Dairy Queen blizzards. Seriously...what more could you ask for on your birthday? Grandparents, playing, hot dog and fries, and ice cream. Pure and utter childhood bliss. And easy for Mom and Dad to pull-off too if I do say so myself. All day it was really fun to see his eyes so full of awe and wonder over everything around him. You could really tell that he knew it was his special day. I love it when my kids start to understand that we're celebrating them and their addition to our family. It really is a wonderful realization.

Last night we rounded out the celebrations by having a joint neighborhood party with one of our little buddies Beniam. He and Joshua are born a day apart and so our families teamed up to throw them a party. I had promised Joshy a football cake and so that is what he got. After I showed him his cake in the fridge, he kept running back and wanting to look at it. You could tell he was happy he'd finally gotten his own cake.

That precious, little exuberant boy is two and he isn't afraid of anything. Watch out world. Here he comes!

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