Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And Now...Number 2

I can't believe that I now currently have two little boys in school. Granted, Caleb is attending a little preschool class just one morning a week but, I still find myself wondering where the time has gone. Today was his first day.

Isaac, who just had his first day of school a few weeks ago, got everyone organized this morning and told me that I should take a picture of him and Caleb in their backpacks. You see, all of this first day stuff is "old hat" to him now, so he felt he needed to help me decide what pictures to take! This cracked me up. Of course I obliged him. Josh immediately got our church backpack and asked "Dayda" (Caleb) to help him get it on. He just simply would not be left out.

We got our proverbial first day picture by the door.

One sorta serious.

And another, not so much.

This little goofball just kills me. He's already pretty funny with a lot of spunk and personality. But as he gets older, I just know he's going to be absolutely hilarious. He had to stand by the door too.

Caleb got to be the "special helper" on the first day. He had to help with the weather (pick what the weather conditions were like outside), hold the door at snack time (especially for the girls) and get the mail for the class from the school mailbox. That's my beautiful friend, Allison, who so graciously volunteered her time and house to hold St. Abraham's 3 Year Old Class. She's so creative and talented and look, she can teach five three-year-olds with a baby on her back. Amazing. The class is mostly just for fun. It's just a little introduction to school one morning a week for a short time. Caleb loved it. I noticed a little spring in his step all day. After watching Isaac for two years, he finally got his turn.

It really is a joy for us parents to watch our kids grow up. Yes, it can be a little hard to let go. But watching them step out and do some things on their own really is good.

Well, one morning a week I've only got two...judging by how things went this morning, I think Joshy and I will have a ball. Lots of singing "Wheels on the Bus", building block towers and me trying to sneak in a few minutes of sleep by encouraging cuddling on the couch with "Blankie and Doe".

It's going to be a great year.

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