Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Quarters...

On Wednesday I hit 30 weeks and folks, I'm starting to feel it. I'm 3/4 done with my fourth pregnancy in five years! I haven't started crying at night yet from fatigue but I'm sure the next ten weeks will be my most challenging of all my pregnancies so far. Mostly, I just have to laugh at myself and the crazy things I do. Soon it will all be over and I'll miss being pregnant, so I'm trying to enjoy every minute. Here's my Top Ten List of....

"How I Know I'm Really in My Third Trimester"

10. My bed has become a mountain of pillows and blankets that I just MUST HAVE to get any sleep. My poor hubby just has to deal with the extra stuff. I used to apologize for I just shrug and tell him it won't be long.

9. The duck waddle has begun. The other day I noticed I was waddling. And then I thought to myself, "Have I ever really stopped waddling?" I think that's just how I walk now, I'm so used to it.

8. As soon as the boys get in bed, I go horizontal and usually do not move until it's time for me to crawl in bed which always involves a lot of sighing and shifting around. If I don't do this, I simply cannot get up the next morning.

7. My children notice my large size and say things like, "Oh my goodness! You're huge!" when lifting up my shirt to say "hello" to their baby sister. That's always a confidence booster.

6. I've stopped sleeping well even though I'm very tired. Typical. Predictable. However, I'm sleeping more now than I will be in a few months so, I can't complain.

5. I feel like I'm growing as wide out in front as I am tall. Which isn't so big considering I'm just under 5 feet but yet imagine getting big and being my size...I definitely am struggling in the balance area.

Which I discovered, by the way, the other night when I climbed up to Isaac's bed to kiss him goodnight. I normally don't do that anymore due to my burgeoning belly but that night I just had to snuggle him so I went up there and then couldn't get down. Yes, I climbed the triple bunk bed. You should've seen the look on my husband's face when I called him from the other room to help me get down. It was the look of death.

4. I feel like my joints will be cracking and moving I could lead a percussion band with all of the noises my joints are making right now. Poor things have been through a lot over these past five years.

3. Most of the cute pregnancy shirts are starting to fade into the abyss and the bigger, less attractive smocks are coming well as the hubby's white undershirts (you know, to work out in). He hates it when I wear his shirts. Something about him needing them. Ha ha. Fun times.

2. I really don't feel like doing anything, like the normal cooking, cleaning and running a home, although not "feeling like it" doesn't translate into getting out of my responsibilities. "Mom! I'm hungry...I'm thirsty...I need to go poop!" as well as the normal crying, training and sibling banter, are all the background chatter and noise I hear throughout the day. Such is the life. And I am okay with fact, I love it. I'm just not as enthusiastic as normal about all of the things that need to get done. Nevertheless, I must push through.

1. But the best part about the third trimester is knowing that I've almost made it to the end and will meet my new little one soon. Now that makes all of the minor aches and pains totally worth it.


  1. I think you look darling, in my books! Ugh... the last 10 weeks! You can do it, Nikki. May God be your strength.

  2. I can't believe you got up on the TOP bunk! Way to go, Nikki, but I suggest your next hike to the top occurs after the baby comes. :)

  3. Oh, you precious Mama. How beautiful you are.

    Keep on cooking, baby Girl - you'll be out to meet the world soon. Can't wait!

  4. You are adorable. I think I am 9 weeks behind you with my first. It would be fun to see you, Steve and the kids when we visit Monterey sometime.