Monday, April 26, 2010


We have some very close friends from Cal Poly who will be embarking on a new journey this next year. After five years of teaching Biology, Andy will be attending medical school on the east coast this coming fall. These are very precious friends to us. So precious that we packed up our brood and my belly too and went to the valley (Fresno area) for a last weekend of fun with our wonderful friends.

We had a great time just catching up and being with them. We tried to soak up every minute as we aren't quite sure when or how often we'll get to see them. Steph made us some amazing meals as usual, the boys played with Annaliese (their daughter) and we just got to be together one last least for awhile.

All of us met through AGO at Cal Poly (except Andy and I knew each other in high school) and we started dating around the same time. Steph and I were roommates one year and so were Andy and Steve, and we got married within a year of each other. We kinda grew up together. We have a few other friends like them that we just love and cherish so much. It's hard to say "good-bye" but we know that we'll be friends for a lifetime.

Especially because these two, just seven weeks apart, have already been betrothed, so someday we'll be family. We just know it.

We love you Dollahites. Thanks for being such wonderful and special friends to us. We're going to miss you all terribly.

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  1. We love you guys so dearly too! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the trip out to see us! God has been so generous to give us life-long friends like you all.