Wednesday, February 3, 2010


That's I officially hit the half-way point and turned 20 weeks. In celebration of making it half-way, I thought I'd write my top 10 things I've noticed about this pregnancy that I haven't experienced before. Most everything is old hat but, like every miracle, there are new and exciting things with every journey.

Top 10 Things I've Noticed about this 4th Pregnancy:

1. I'm much more easily tired. Probably because I'm getting older. My first pregnancy occurred when I was 23. I'm going on 29 people and inching ever closer to 30. So yeah, I seem to be tired out more quickly. Oh and I have three other boys too, ages 4 and under. That probably doesn't help.

2. Usually my skin is radiant during pregnancy. Not so much this time!! Oh man!!

3. I crave broccoli. I usually don't crave anything during pregnancy. Now my sister-in-law, she has the real cravings. I don't. However, for some reason, I LOVE broccoli and can't get enough of it. I guess it's not a bad craving to have.

4. I've popped out so much faster with this one. However, I have popped out faster each time so there really isn't any surprise. My body just knows what it's doing and so out the belly comes. It's kinda funny actually.

5. Luckily for my husband, I've only had one emotional breakdown and it wasn't huge. I'm not a big crier but sometimes the hormones can push me over the edge. Nevertheless, it hasn't been too bad this time. Maybe my body is so used to being pregnant now the hormone surges don't affect me as much. Who knows? I still have 20 more weeks to go.

6. I didn't feel the baby move until much later than my pregnancy with Joshua (my 3rd). I thought I'd feel him/her move sooner or at least around the same time but this time, it was closer to 18 weeks when I felt definite movement. It was hard for my OB to find the heartbeat though and he thinks my placenta is up front this time. So that could be why.

7. I haven't had the recurring nightmare yet (I've had it with every.single.child numerous times before birth) that I've forgotten to feed the baby for hours and the baby is starving and crying. I'm not sure why I always have this dream but I do. Nevertheless, it hasn't come yet. Maybe it'll come back right at the end.

8. I've broken some of my most cherished pregnancy rules: no eating cookie dough or drinking any diet sodas. I've given in on the cookie dough a little bit, although I've tried to be strong. And I've had my share of Diet A & W Rootbeers and Diet Ginger Ales. Sometimes I feel guilty but most of the time I don't. There's only so much a girl can take. And I've been pregnant so much in the last five years. I've had to give a little.

9. I've had to give up certain household chores (to my hubby that is) due to a lack of physical stamina. Normally I'd blaze right through these things and not care one bit, however, after my last birth being so traumatic on my body (more on that at another time), I've decided to let go and let my husband do some of the heavier things around the house. I always tell him I need those strong muscles to put my stroller away or take out the diaper trash. I also am trying not to pick my kids up as much. I'm hoping for a better outcome this time. If you think of it, pray my womb will be strong.

10. Frankly, I've been most surprised at how, even though this is my fourth time through this process, I'm still totally in awe of the miracle that God creates while bringing a child into the world. It is still so amazing, so new and just so wonderful. That never gets old. Maybe the sleeping on my side gets a bit old, or the fatigue and nausea. But feeling that baby rolling around inside NEVER ever gets old. And I thank God that He's given us yet another miracle to cherish, protect and love.

Now, I know you all want to know if we've found out what we're having. We haven't found out the sex yet and won't for another week and a half as our doctor is out on vacation. It's a horrible time to go on vacation if you ask me. I mean, my schedule is WAY more important than a little vacation to Hawaii! Ha! Nevertheless, he still left and so that means I must wait a bit longer. With our track record, you can expect another little Mr. Dauphin. That's what I'm expecting. However, we'll see what God has in store for us this time.


  1. So excited for you Nikki!!!! I loved your line about being "pregnant so much in the last five years." That was golden. I love how God grows families. You bet I will be praying for you. No one wants to see you go through that again. Too close. So glad for the mercy in your life and that you share about all these miracles. Inspiring!

  2. I love you. Period. I love your writing. I love your perspective. I love that God gave me you as a friend. You're a wonderful wife and mother...and diet sodas are a good treat.