Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My second born is 3

My precious, little second born son turned 3 on Saturday and I could hardly believe it. Time has really flown. Tonight he sat at dinner with his shirt off and he just looked like a little boy with tossled hair in his eyes and a ragged grin. Really, that's what he is now. There's still some traces of baby left but not much. He's quickly passing out of my world and into the world of his Dad and older brother. He's always been close to me but lately I've been noticing him talking more and more about his Dad, and being excited to be with his Dad and Isaac. The transition is so normal and SO good but it is amazing to think about and watch. I can't keep him forever and he needs to be more in their world. He's growing up. He's a little man.

We had two little parties for him over the weekend. We kept our normal Movie Night tradition and had our friends and neighbors over for pizza, a short movie, a flashlight walk, and cake and ice cream. Caleb wanted a Percy cake. So that's what he got. Side note: It's extremely stressful to try and decorate a cake with three little boys in your midst-especially a 17 month old who is extremely skilled at using stools to his advantage. I don't know what I was thinking. Luckily, the little ones went down for a nap and I got to finish it up in peace.

Here's some pictures from Friday night.

Unfortunately for Caleb he was coming down with double ear infections (found that out at his 3 year check-up on Tuesday) so he was a bit cranky at his party. All in all though, he had a good time.

Of course we had to decorate for his birthday breakfast the next morning. He got a new bike from us so that was right next to his chair. He didn't even notice the bike until later though. He was too busy batting balloons all over the house. Steve and I just laughed.

After a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, requested by him, the boys helped their Dad and Uncle Dave do some work in the backyard and played with their cousins. Then it was off to Carl's Jr. for a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake. Yes, we let them live it up on their birthday! Plus they worked hard so they deserved it.

Saturday night we had family over for a special Sabbath Birthday Dinner. It was a precious time of sharing what we loved about Caleb. One of the most precious things for me, as a mom, to hear was my oldest sharing what he loved about his little brother. I thought to myself, "All the fights I break up daily...all the millions of times I correct and tell them to be kind to one another, to respect each other's word and to love each other...It's worth it. It's worth it to hear Isaac talk about how he loves his brother." Moments like these encourage me to keep going.

Keeping with the train theme, here's some pictures from Saturday night.

Caleby we love you. We're proud of you and love watching how God is shaping you into such a special little man. We thank Him for giving us you three years ago.

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  1. Happy Birthday Caleby! Wish we could have been there!

    Nikk- great job on the Percy cake! I am so impressed! What sweet birthday memories! :0) love ya girl!