Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Sold!

I have been flabbergasted as to how little I've missed my dryer. I thought I'd last a week and here I am going on six weeks and I have three very small children who go through clothes like movie stars do money!! Here are my top ten reasons why I love my clothesline. I'm not here to say that everyone must do it, but I wanted to write about why I love doing it!!

10 Reasons Why I Love My Clothesline

1. It's so, so easy to do and it didn't cost me a cent.

2. The sun helps to bleach out stubborn stains! I've been so surprised at how many old stains have faded or disappeared after being hung out on the clothesline.

3. I'm much less stressed doing laundry this way. I can't do my laundry quite as fast which just means that it's not all log-jammed on my couch screaming at me, "Fold me!! Fold me!!" It's amazing how I feel like I can keep up with the laundry so much better now even though the clothesline isn't quite as efficient as my dryer!

4. It makes all of my clothes smell so fresh!

5. My kids play happily outside while I do the laundry.

6. I get necessary sorting and folding done as I hang the clothes up and take them down. I sort socks and hang them up together so that I can just ball them up when they come down. I fold everything as it comes off. I come into my house with the clothes folded and it's only taken me an extra five minutes to do so!

7. I'm saving energy.

8. It's good exercise. Need I say more?

9. It gives me a glimpse of past generations and how they lived. It makes me feel more connected to history. I know, I know, there I go being all "romantic" again.

10. I absolutely LOVE seeing all of my little one's clothes, especially their little jeans hanging out on the fence next to my husband's. I can't explain it but, it just really warms my heart.


  1. The jeans crack me up. Sooo cute! Good reasons, Nikki. Glad you're enjoying it and it's good for you.

  2. Nik, isn't that one of your pair of jeans on the end?

  3. It is neat that you are seeing the positive and even enjoying this "forced" venture! But do you have to do a lot more ironing? I am famous for taking the squirt bottle to the dryer and running it one more time just so I can pull the clothes out hot and fold them before wrinkles set in. But I bet when you get your PG&E bill you will have another reason to love it!

  4. This is so motivating to try it. I really loved how you opened my eyes about how the log jam isn't an issue anymore. Definitely food for thought. I know what you mean about feeling connected to history. Precious.

  5. Love those jeans all lined up! It's so true about not having to rush to get them all folded and put away...(Did I hear there's a storm is coming?) Yipes!