Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Day Ideas

So today marked the beginning of rainy season. Early in the morning I heard the familiar pitter-patter on my roof and smiled before drifting back to sleep. I love the rain. Nevertheless, rain or general nasty weather and little children can be challenging. Although we really don't get that much bad weather, it always makes me thankful for the sun and getting outside. My boys usually need to get outside everyday to run off some energy and so, being indoors all day causes for some definite creativity. I'm sure if I had to do it more often, I'd be better at it. But since I'm not, I'll list all of the things we've found to do on rainy days and you list your own. It'll be sort of a swap. Maybe if enough of us chime in with ideas, it'll get us through the winter cheerfully!!

Rainy Day Ideas:

Crash Pile: I stole this from the Femina Blog (which you should check out if you don't already read it. It's on my blogroll). Basically, you pile all sorts of pillows and blankets on top of each other and let your kids run wild crashing into it full speed. My boys absolutely love this and usually work up quite a sweat.

Bake cookies, bread or anything that sounds wonderful!

Build a fort with blankets, family room furniture and chairs and then read books by flashlight

Color or other craft stuff. Any ideas?

Do puzzles

Extended bath play time

Music time: usually this consists of us singing through songs and learning new ones.

Dance Party: dancing like crazies to any sort of music. My boys' favorite is Sing, Sing, Sing which is a very fast swing song. I happen to like it a lot myself too.

Play Simon Says or another game that the little ones can understand and play. My oldest loves board games but his younger brothers still can't play too much. Caleb can do a few with help. Any other game ideas?

Anything else? I'd love to hear what you do to pass the time!


  1. I thought the "Crash Pile" idea Rachel had was funny because my boys came up with that all on their own--and I think they "play" it every day, rain or shine!

  2. We brought out the play dough! That was a hit for a few minutes. We also did story time on my bed so that changed it up a little. Another idea is let them "do dishes" in the sink. That passes lots of time! I love the new ideas too! Thanks Nikki