Monday, October 26, 2009

San Luis Obispo-How we Love Thee!!

This last week we had the great opportunity to visit the Weeks in San Luis Obispo before participating in AGO's annual football tournament over the weekend. Matt, Debbi and their children were very close to Steve and me while we lived in San Luis Obispo and so we love to take some time when we can to go and visit. Whenever we come over the Cuesta Grade into SLO, we just miss it so much!! We spent so many wonderful years there. So it's good to still be able to visit and get our SLO fix for awhile. The boys and I went down on Tuesday and Steve met us there late Friday night. We had a wonderful time and did so many things (even though the boys were sick with a cold!!) They were troopers.

Here are some highlights:
-Walks with friends
-Bali's frozen yogurt, chocolate swirl with "sprinklers",
-Visits to the park complete with a picnic
-Using our new Cars stamps
-Playing in the backyard with swords
-Walking downtown and seeing the train station
-Farmer's Market...Downtown Brown, huge prize winning pumpkins and a tour of the firetruck
-San Luis Obispo High School's Homecoming Parade-by far the favorite
-Playing at Miss Megan's house with all of her fun blocks and toys! Thanks Megan!
-Eating donuts for breakfast with Grandpa Matt
-Going to the Pismo Dunes and watching Daddy and his college buddies beat Zeta Alum (UCSB AGO's alumni team) Go Kappa Alum!!
-Eating pizza stix at Pizza Solo (my three boys can take down a whole serving of them...I think they like them a lot!)
-Seeing lots and lots of friends (although we missed seeing some due to the boys' cold and not wanting to infect other little kids but, we still got to see many)

We are so grateful to be home but we had the best time in San Luis Obispo!! Thanks Weeks family for hosting us all week. We can't wait to come back and visit again sometime!


  1. Ahhh... I miss SLO so much. Thanks for sharing some of your highlights.

  2. I'm so thankful that I live 3.5 hours from SLO so we can get our 'fix', too. So glad you get a chance to get to SLO. Sometime I hope we are there at the same time and can actually SPEND time together other than a 'hi' at church. Someday. Thanks for sharing some fun memories.

  3. what an adorable family you guys are! the boys are such a perfect mixture of you and steve. can't wait to meet them one day.

    if you are ever back in slo for any amount of time let me know. my parents live in the pismo area and i actually was there on thursday. we just missed each other :-( but it would be a good way for us to spend time together if you are ever up for it!

    you are one amazing mom. i actually wished last week that we lived closer so i could learn from you. as i was praying for some wisdom for this mommyhoodland, i immediately thought of you and thought i bet she knows some pretty wise things. thanks for sharing them on your blog. i will make this a regular blog check and learn!

    love you and am so glad we have reconnected!