Friday, October 30, 2009

Third Son

I knew that my third son, Joshua, was going to naturally be a bit crazy from the get-go because, well, he's a third boy. I mean, he's got two older brothers running around doing all sorts of fun things that he innately wants to do and he has just had to sit back and watch for the last year. Now, he feels he can exert a bit of his own independence and he has helped himself right into the mix. When everyone else is wrestling, Joshua is right in there rolling around. He wants to go outside when his brothers do and he wants to do whatever they are doing.

But this I couldn't believe. A couple of weeks ago, we went to a place called Pumped which is full of bounce houses and huge slides. Here are all of the boys going up the slide.

Joshua had no problem whatsoever going down the slide with Daddy and laughed the whole way down. So, we decided to send him down with Isaac since he was just begging to let Joshy ride on his lap.

No fear and he liked it quite well thank you very much. So Steve somehow convinced me to send him down all by himself. I thought he'd just freak out. The slide is at least 50 feet high. Well, I think the picture speaks for itself.

I don't even want to know what a fourth boy would be like. Watch out world. Here Josh comes.


  1. Ummm... is the last sentence a veiled revelation that you're having a fourth child?

    Also, great post!

  2. No Andy. Just know that we'll want a fourth and I'm sure, with my luck it'll be a boy!!

  3. I am glad you cleared that up although I keep waiting for the announcement of your fourth!! And I will smile extra big for you the day that God blesses you with a little darling girl.

    I think there is something about a third that is wired to be somewhat of a nut: ours absolutely is even if she is a girl!

    By the way, Nikki, our fifth is coming in April! We will have to catch up one of these days. Love you, Heather

  4. Love that sweet Joshie boy... remember how you had been saying the whole first 10 months or so that he's so chill and then the Burgoynes let you in on the fact that he's a little crazy, you just hadn't realized it because of all the commotion of the bigger boys!?!? :) *hugs* to Joshie

  5. I can't believe Joshy came down the slide by himself! Looks like he's having a ball. Oh, the mischief that's concealed behind that little smile! Hang on, Nikki, much excitement in the years ahead!