Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Fashion Police

Sadly enough, I am probably one of the worst dressers around. I've really been this way for most of my life. I know, as a woman, that I am supposed to care about fashion but I never really have. In fact, I tend to think that most trendy things are cute AFTER they're no longer "in". That's how behind the times I am most of the time. Every year I survey my closet and find odds and ends from all over the place. I still have a pair of running shorts from my sophomore year in high school. And I don't want to tell you how long I've had some of my shoes. I have even less fashion sense with shoes. And I don't ever buy new ones (except running shoes). It's bad.

And it's only gotten worse since I've become a mom. You'd think I was in mourning or something but, my daily uniform usually consists of something black. Here's the reason behind the madness: I've discovered that black is the best color to wear because it shows the least amount of stains. Even if I want to wear a semi-cute shirt, I know it's just going to get spit-up on, pooped on, colored on or peed on within the first hour of being worn. And if A,B,C or D hasn't happened yet, then E. fill in the blank with something very messy, is bound to be headed my way at any time. Why struggle with the mess when I can just rub it right in and no one will have to know?

This dress was given to me by my fashionable and generous sister-in-law at least five years ago. I still wear it and love it so much!!

But seriously, one of the things that gets me about clothes is how much they cost and how little I want to spend on them. I usually just acquire clothes. I hardly ever buy them. I'm not sure how this started but I think people who are around me often, who love me and want what's best for me, usually see my fashion sense and decide I need some help. So I receive a lot of hand-me downs from others. And really, since I'm so behind the times anyway, it always seems like great stuff to me!! However, when I do go to buy clothes, I usually try to stick with what's classic and practical simply because they last longer.

Today though, I really tried. I had two $10 off coupons to Kohl's and they were having a grand opening sale. My mom, bless her dear heart, met me at the mall and watched my three boys (all 4 and under and one of them ended up puking on her watch) in the play area while I went to try and find some deals. I promised myself that I wouldn't just buy practical but would buy some fun, cute stuff too. The good news is that I spent only $16.31 on 7 long-sleeved tees (all different colors). The bad news is that I didn't find anything girly or cute. Just simple and plain. Utter failure!!

But I really, really tried. I put on several sweaters, cardigans, flowery shirts and the like and I did not care for any of them!! I either looked pregnant in the flowing shirts (which I have looked plenty in the last four years and don't care to look when I'm really not) or I looked like I was trying to be a teenager again. And some of the fashions just plain confused me. One sweater I tried on was cute but it didn't have sleeves!! What is the point of a sweater if it does not have sleeves?!! I felt stupid just putting it on let alone wearing it in public. And I was not about to spend $30 on looking stupid! Give me my jeans and my tees please and my Cal Poly sweatshirts!! Go Mustangs!

So I settled for the plain and practical. And you know, I'm just fine with it. I think plain and practical fit me. I don't have to feel bad about the money spent but can feel good that these pieces will get me through many more years to come (with various hand-me-downs here and there of course). If I had a lot more money I'd maybe care more about my wardrobe. But, I probably still wouldn't much. It's just not me. In this area, I'm downright simple and stubborn about it. Is that even possible?!!

But, here's the deal. If you see me on the street, wearing something from last decade, please don't call the fashion police. First of all, I probably don't know the major fashion faux pas I'm committing and secondly, even if I did know, I probably wouldn't care!!


  1. Ok, I loved this post. I was cracking up out loud because I went shopping with you to purposely buy clothes (not just look) after you lost a bunch of weight after you got married and we founds some classics- do you still have that jean jacket? Also because I've helped you clean out your closet before. It is true, somehow you just accumulate clothes even though you don't buy them. I had to limit the number of T-shirts that you could keep. The funny thing is I am the same way now, even more so since becoming a mom! But I remember you saying how we don't want to go look like frumpy wives (since obviously we don't really struggle with being to extravagant) and try to look nice and well kept for our husbands!

    I even went to Bible study tonight wearing gym clothes that I workd out in and no makeup! Yikes! Fortunately, part of what Beth spoke about was about how we women are worth more than our exterior, no matter what the world tells us! Well I am glad that we can laugh about all this :)

  2. Steph-

    Yes...I still have the jean jacket. And yes, I still love it and wear it. Are jean jackets out? Lord help me! Love you girl. Glad I could make you laugh.


  3. Jean jackets will NEVER go out of style. It's a classic piece of clothing that no girl should live without. Keep yours forever and ever! :) Love you!

  4. I love you and all of your plain t-shirts. You are so beautiful! Fancy clothes would distract from YOUR beauty. Devin is my fashion police - my only reason for having anything cute to wear.

  5. Just be yourself. Classic and simple means you will never look dated in pictures!!! :)

  6. Oh Nikki, this was hilarious!!!

    Just the other day I commented to Ryan that all of my basics from Gap (clearanced tees and tanks) were becoming stained!! And I mean about 6 of the same shirts in all different colors (sound familiar).

    And yes, keep the jean jacket!!! I still wear mine out on dates.

    As long as our husbands don't think we are horribly out of style what really does it matter, anyway?!
    I love your fun honesty! It makes me smile!

  7. Nikki and Steve,
    Isn't great that God accepts us the way we are and doesn't make us dress to the world's standards. If we all conformed it would be boring, and everyone would have to wear bowties like I do. Nikki in honor of your blog, I actually wore a "normal" tie to work today and all the students commented on my tie. We miss you all and look forward to seeing you guys sometime in the future. Keep the postings going so we can keep up with the happenings.
    Andy and Elda Robinson
    Vallejo, CA