Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, I have to admit it to the world. In my spare time during the day, which isn't much lately, one thing I love to do is read cookbooks. I have an absolute addiction to reading cookbooks. Now let me explain what I mean. I don't mean perusing cookbooks. I don't mean glancing through cookbooks or even scouring the index to find a recipe and then looking it up. I mean, from start to finish reading cookbooks. And I don't just read them once, I go over them time and time again. To be honest, I mostly learned to cook and bake from reading cookbooks over and over again. It isn't even what I'd call a hobby but more of an obsession. I know, I'm strange. I'm sure there are more people out there like me-- they just might not want to admit it!!

But yesterday, yesterday...I got a much anticipated and desired addition to my cookbook collection: The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. Oh how I love thee! I have wanted to buy this cookbook for probably a year and really it's not that expensive. It's only $35 but I just couldn't justify spending the money for awhile, especially since they have all of their recipes online. However, there is just something about cracking open that cookbook, your own cookbook, and getting to know the pages like getting acquainted with a new friend. Before much time has passed, the recipes become dusted with flour, painted with oil and sprinkled with love and notes are all over the place!! You can't replace that with online recipes. Give me the old fashioned way please!

So I knew I had to buy the cookbook sometime but I did wait and bide my time. After many months of spending my extra precious cash on other essentials, I finally came up with enough money to purchase the cookbook with no guilt attached. And now, I get to savor every little page and boy am I loving it! If you haven't checked out King Arthur Flour and you love to bake, you must do so now!! And thanks Brittany for turning me on to their website in the first place. Well, I better go. I have much reading to do. When my husband gets home, I'm sure he will find me tonight just like I was last night, asleep with the King Arthur Flour catalog on one side (another weakness) and the cookbook laying snugly on my chest. And in my dreams, I'll be fantasizing about new ideas for yeast doughs, cinnamon rolls and bread puddings.


  1. You are too much, Nikki. That is so cute. I've been looking through cookbooks just in the past few months because I want to make more dinners. So, I've been looking through the Grace Church cookbook with the history and thoughts that are sprinkled throughout the pages. But I'm actually making at least two-three dinners a week, which is so much more than I've done in the past....different dinners, not the same old, same old. It's actually becoming fun for me. I've never liked cooking because I was never taught and I didn't like learning on my own. Anyway, happy reading, and I think I'll check out that site you mentioned. hugs

  2. I love this post! And although I don't read my cookbooks cover to cover ... in the last year I have "given in" and started writing in them! I add notes about changes I tried and we liked, hints, sides, calories! At first it felt weird to write in a book - but now I love opening to the page I am working from and seeing hand written notes :) I like them better looking used, loved, worm ....

  3. I can just see you, Nikki, sound asleep with cookbooks on both sides, face dusted with King Arthur flour, and a list of tempting recipes to try. Let me know when those yummy frosted cinnamon buns will be ready for a tastetest!!!

  4. Don't worry, I read cookbooks too. Not necessarily cover-to-cover, but large portions at a time. Troy's mom usually gives me cookbooks for my birthday that you're SUPPOSED to read. (If you want to borrow one, feel free)!

    We received King Arthur Flour for our wedding and have been very grateful for it! Last summer I got to visit the King Arthur Flour Baking headquarters in Vermont. Awesome place--and they gave me great tips on how to get dough to rise when you live by the coast!

  5. Miss Nikki: I love it that you love to cook and that you got the Greek genes for this! Love Mama