Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surprise Dinner Guest

This afternoon I delivered a meal to a dear friend and neighbor who just had a baby. After arriving home, my husband announced he was taking our older boys to the baseball game on campus and would be back in a bit. Ahhh...a moment's peace to nurse the baby and get dinner on the table. This doesn't happen often and when it does, I relish in it. I sat down to nurse Josh and check my email and got halfway through before I heard the giggling laughter and bounding voices of my older boys spilling through the doorway. Back so fast?! And my husband is talking to someone...hmmm sounds suspicious. It turns out that as soon as they arrived at the game, the game ended. But it wasn't all for not--we brought a dinner guest home and I got yet another chance to practice hospitality on the fly. I quickly glanced around at my home and surveyed the damage the three little boys did throughout the day. Well, it wasn't too bad but it definitely looked lived in. But it was too late to be uptight or embarassed. It was just time to put dinner on the table and time to smile.

Dinner was delightful as we were able to catch up on the life of Josh Davis, a fellow teacher where my husband teaches. Our children think he's the greatest and did their best to make him laugh throughout our time at the table. Josh graciously set aside both half eaten pieces of apple that Caleb bestowed on him (Josh referred to them as "recycled"). And Isaac did his best to get his share of laughs as well. Later I teased my husband that he was just setting me up since he knew what I wrote about yesterday. With a twinkle in his eye, he simply said that his fellow coworker needed some dinner. Just a note, lest all of you think my husband is rude, Steve knew what was on the menu and that it would feed an army. I'm just glad he'd found someone we could share it with.

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