Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Should've Done this Sooner...

It's true what they say..."Many hands make light work." Now my many hands can do lots more things...all by themselves.


  1. Nikki,
    Hey guess what???I did nearly the exact same thing about a month ago! I used a lower cabinet, not a drawer (those are tooo precious in my kitchen).

    I was tired of them all climbing up on the counter to 'help' get down or put away their own dishes only to knock something over or be right in my way.

    Now it is wonderful and truly helpful!

  2. Nikki, I love this. We do the same thing but it's a box that sits inside a cupboard. I love your blog! So impressed that you got everyone in your Easter photo to look at the camera and smile!
    Blessings, Rachelle

  3. Heather,
    Isn't it wonderful? Why did it take us so long huh? Glad it's worked out for you.

    So great to hear from you!! I think of your family from time to time and wonder how you are. Loved your Christmas card. Really great to hear from you!