Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Girl and Her Daddy

A week or so ago I went on a walk in the morning and Elliana woke up while I was gone. Steve and I have this stone-age "system" that consists of him turning the porch light on if he needs me to come home since we don't have texting on our cell phone and don't ever want to get it (maybe someday I'll write a post on the "evils" of texting and how it makes you dumb...at least that's what my husband tells his students who have their cell phones permanently affixed-ha ha ha). I know, I know, just call us the Flintstones. Anyhow, I forgot to look the first time and on the second time around, lo and behold, the porch light was on meaning the baby was up and wanting to be fed. Daddy can do a lot of things, but he can't do that! So I bailed to go nurse Elle.

After she got her breakfast, Steve showed me a new trick he taught her in an effort to keep her distracted from her hunger while I was gone. I thought it was so cute, we got it on video (of course, she hasn't done it since that morning-ha ha!). So for your viewing pleasure...here's the littlest having her first heart to heart conversation with her Da Da.

Elliana and Daddy

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  1. OH so sweet! Aaron and Ellie would be great friends! They are making the same exact sounds. "Mama" and "Dada" are SO sweet! :)