Monday, July 13, 2009


This is a big moment in the Dauphin family. I am going to attempt to take a shower with the two older boys playing in the backyard. Of course, it will be short and I can hear them through the window (our room backs up to the yard) and if any of you think I'm negligent, don't worry, there isn't anything that can hurt them out there. I just have memories of the last four years putting children in cribs or pak n plays, showering only during naptime and simply not showering at all on some days (don't worry, not every day). Now, we'll see how it goes...hopefully there won't be any brotherly brawls and I'll get my five minutes in the shower in peace. It's either that, or I'll be running out the door, dripping wet in my towel...hmmm, no, it's worth it. I think we can handle it. We'll see.

I better get off before my time runs out. If I've calculated well, I've got four minutes and forty-five seconds left.

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  1. We use the "eat dry cereal in mommy's bed and watch a show" method ... then they are next to my bathroom, I can hear them and they are zoned in to the TV. Not sure what the plan will be with a newborn added to the mix. Likely night time showers, some days no showers ... crying in the swing showers ... us mommies always figure something out!