Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boys Night Out

For the second summer in a row, Steve has taken the boys camping in the great, wide wilderness of our very own home. Last year, it was the backyard and Isaac was the only one in the family who was old enough to brave the camp out. Here he is setting up the tent with Dad.

This year, Caleb got to join in as well and the party moved to the football field at the school where we live. Not only did the camp out move just a little further away from home but a few friends and cousins came too! What fun!

Only the four oldest boys actually got to camp out overnight but the rest of us showed up to set-up camp, eat hot dogs and generally have fun before heading home to a quiet evening for us moms.

The three dads, Steve, his brother Dave and our neighbor and friend Devin, had a great time fighting off the sprinklers to keep the boys from getting wet as they slept. Luckily the sprinklers first made their appearance around 9 pm (and not in the middle of the night) so that they could be conquered quickly and easily. What warriors they are! The boys slept through the entire episode and only one tent (ours) had any water damage and it was on Steve's side so he was able to just brave it for the night (my husband is a stud).

The funniest part about the sprinklers is that they had already thought about them prior to camping out there. They thought they had gone to a place where there weren't any sprinklers and had even searched around looking for them prior to setting up camp. The sprinklers were apparently so well hidden that they gave the dads quite a surprise later on. But it was all in good fun and the campers made it through the night! Thank you Lord for the summertime.

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