Monday, July 20, 2009

Seven Years

For my husband on our seventh anniversary:

Another year has passed and we are flying faster toward ten years than I ever thought could be possible. Your presence with me has become so regular, so normal, so home that I scarcely can fall asleep without you. You've become to me like a comfortable pair of running shoes (stay with me here)-- sturdy, strong, worn-in, comfortable, used to my ways yet urging me onward. I've really seen this past year how the years that we've put in already have become a firm foundation and that now we're starting to build on that foundation. May God bless us as we build. May we lean upon His strength, learn from His love and may we honor Him in all we do.

I love you.


  1. Happy Anniversary, you two. And now I have another blog to read.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I miss you. I remember how we chatted at a baby shower - and just connected! Then we must have been going to different services at church, then you guys moved. So we didn't really get to know each other that well, but I really appreciated your exuberant spirit! Looks like you have been so abundantly blessed in the meantime. Congratulations on all your sweeties!

  3. Steve and Nikki,
    Congratulations on your anniversary. You only have to wait 31 more years to catch up to us. It is sure great to be able to keep up with you guys and see how God continues to bless your family. Elda and I sure miss you all and I miss having Steve and the boys come and watch Monday night football. We hope you will be able to come up and visit us so we can show you around Vallejo. Tell Issac and Caleb we say hi. God bless you all,
    Andy and Elda Robinson, Vallejo

  4. Happy Anniversary! And this is a VERY cute picture of you two :)