Friday, December 14, 2012

Sick (Or Why I Haven't Been Blogging)

It's been two whole weeks since my last post!  Two whole weeks!  I almost can't believe it!  I haven't been trying to neglect you all but up until just recently, I have been quite sick.  And many other crazy things have been going on amidst my mysterious sickness.  I believe I am doing better and will be back to fairly regular programming soon.

Missing my words but glad for the past few weeks of rest when I've been able.

Lots on my mind.

Will get to my thoughts soon.

Until then, stay warm, love those around you, meditate on Christ and the Advent Season, and be well.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Sending love, Nikki! My loving suggestion: have low expectations of yourself. Be weak. Let God love you. He who came as a poor, weak baby knows perfectly how to take care of us who are like that!

  2. LOVE those photos of your darling family!! Hugs to you as you endure sickness. Mama's should NOT allowed to be sick!